Saturday, 12 October 2013

Back with a Bang!

The last six months of my llife have been in the paraphrased works of Charles Dickens 'the best of times and the worst of times'.  The best because I've finally landed on my feet and am working as a Comms/Marketing Manager to a super cool brand (the one I did the interview with!) and every week at the moment, seems to be filled with opportunities, events and just good stuff.

A total miracle, considering I still have a full time day gig to pay the bills, which I am sincerely grateful for, (temping for a year prior to this daytime gig, has cured me of any work apathy), as it leaves me free to pursue the love what I do gig by night, with all guns blazing.

I'm working for a brand that I'm passionate about, while networking like a maniac and hanging with / networking some truly inspiring and wonderful people. I feel so lucky and blessed right now.

What's going on with Big B and me? Well sad to say we're all washed up and I'm gutted. Really gutted!

Remember that miserable year of temping I had, when literally everything else in my life went down the toilet? Well that's the same black hole Big B's wading through at the moment.

I've watched sadly, as he's pulled away from me and everyone else, trying to make sense of finding himself in such an awful place. My heart hopes he gets through everything and comes back, but right now I honestly don't know.

The worst thing is...I think he's the one...I know, blooming diva's law !

On the flipside of my diva universe, is the ever-present cancer which continues to invade my Mum's body, despite the fact that the doctors said they'd nailed it.  Bless her Lionheart though, Mum is kicking back hard, wrestling with a demon that's sapped her strength and energy, but she won't allow to take her spirit.

It's also robbed her of her beloved hair !  Mum being Mum, she's already lined up a selection of wigs, to ensure she continues looking her best - yep, I get my divadom from her ! More painfully, cancer has transformed her from a vibrant, feisty fireball into a dreadfully thin, perennially tired,slow moving shell; that is trying desperately to do everything she's always done, at exactly the same hurried pace.

In between me pleading with her to slow down, say no more often (the world will still continue to turn!) and to take the time to listen to her body and rest; she tells me to do my best every day. To promise her, to go after every ambition and goal I aspire to (without trampling on anyone or being shady of course,) and most of all to be happy.

I'm doing my best to live up to that promise, but some days it's hard.  So I take everything one day at a time and I'm happy to say that today was a good day.