Friday, 18 September 2009

First Contact

The first phone call with a potential new squeeze can go either of two ways. After 5 mins it can shudder to an uneasy halt, as you struggle to exchange the same pleasantries you might reserve for a fellow rail passenger. Or if you luck out be more like the light hearted conversation I had with M2 yesterday.

He called on time and on the right day. For those of you who are concerned about my obsession with men either not showing up at all or communicating so infrequently with you, that you wonder whether they have been swallowed up by a black hole - it is an unfortunate legacy of my time with H (see 'H' June 09).

I didn't think it was necessarily the worst thing in the world a man could do to a woman, continually standing her up - more inconvenient. Kind of like a harsh reminder of how not to be treated by someone. Even my inflated ego took a kicking during that prolonged moment of madness.

As a lady who has never been hung up on poster boy looks, more on humour, being smart, sarcastic, honest and sincere (I know, no wonder I'm single - these are rare qualities indeed in your average man), my methods of establishing whether some or any of these qualities are present within them are varied, but one of them is in his voice.

M2's voice was warm and friendly and he made me laugh from the start of our conversation courtesy of a few well timed-jokes at his own expense. An hour rolled by before we both signed off to returned to an afternoon of phone calls, meetings and frustrations like, why do I have to share a room with a work colleague at conference?

I can't think of anything more off-putting then seeing a female colleague first thing in the morning devoid of make-up, straight out of the shower resembling a drowned rat or face down on their bed after a hard night's drinking (them, not me!).

After the call I got a cheeky text from M2 saying how great it was to talk to me at last. "When are you going to meet up with your boyfriend" sang A, having first sung "B and M2 sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G!" .

Totally juvenile I know, but so darned funny and of course A can get away with being a knob some of the time...I mean most of the time ! You know it's true you little bulldog you! "I don't know" I replied snappily.

The question had of course already arisen. During our conversation he talked about the two businesses he runs and from the sound of things, never really switches off from. I couldn't stop myself from throwing the practical stone of reality into proceedings.

"With all that work on, I have no idea how you find time for yourself let alone someone else. Are you sure you are ready to start dating, after your break-up?". "For the right person, I'd make time B" , he replied just a little too smoothly for my liking.

The jury's still out on you M2 - who of course doesn't know about my blogging ! Before I forget he sent me his picture stroking a dog .....- stormingly funny !! "Has my ugly mug put you off" he said via text. "No of course not I said, I've always wanted to date a Bond villian lookalike !".

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