Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Just Call Me Wing Girl !

I was lucky enough to meet one of my favourite people, via a model friend on the set of a client's commercial. She mentioned a friend who had an online boutique, that was in need of a little of my social media magic and the rest as they say is history.

L is funny, ridiculously smart, effortlessly glamourous and unbelievably, single. Unlike me, she's taken to the wonderful world of Tinder, to find a mate and regularly delights me with her dating updates over a cheeky latte or two.

"So I just had a message from my disaster dinner date tonight". I couldn't help but smile as she continued, "The poor chap had a terrible nervous twitch. So distracting! It just didn't turn me on!!", at which point we both burst out laughing.  

"So he texted me, "Can I see you again?" I replied, saying I didn't think there was enough chemistry for us to take it further and he replied,

"Crikey, that was £200 well spent then" (NICE!!!!!)

Sour grapes in dating is never a great thing, but you can't fight that old devil chemistry. I recounted my latest dating adventure and instead of the over the top response of the only other buddy I'd mentioned it to, L fired back briskly "Next!"

Less than 24 hours later she came up with the perfect salve to my bruised ego.

"I've been invited to see Snoop Dogg on Thursday. Are you free?"

I'm not the fastest texter usually but I pinged a yes back pronto. As turned out I was to be her wing girl, to shield her from the advances of a recent Tinder buddy, who unfortunately, wasn't working out. He had said she could bring along a friend, who could keep his friend company so to speak.

I didn't realise how badly things were going between them, until as I noticed a grumpy looking man, staring intently at the pair of us, as we walked towards the gig venue. It was her date and his friend ! She'd walked straight by the pair of them (she's as blind as a bat without her glasses, which she refuses to wear in public) and was on the phone actually calling him, to ask where he was !

The concert was of course off the chain. Snoop was on fire. L's date's buddy turned out to be a cool guy. I thanked L's date for inviting me along and then we hit the awkward parting moment. L's date asked which way I was going and I said to the underground.

For some reason I was looking at L as I make my declaration and seeing her panic at the thought of being left with her date, said we were going in the same direction.

Conceding he was fighting a losing battle, L's date kissed her on the cheek and started to walk away, turning briefly to gesture (in the weirdest way - tapping his fingers like he was playing on an x-box) that she should text him.

"I take it you won't be texting him then?" I asked her. "Hell no!" she said mimicking his tapping fingers :0)


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