Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Addicted To : Made In Chelsea

My devotion to this show is legendary. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have spent just about every series of it, tweeting wise guy comments about the increasingly ridiculous, almost incestuous activities of its bright young thing inhabitants.
What drives my tweeting are the cast members and their 'adventures'. I marvel at their ability to shift from one rocky relationship to another at breakneck speed, barely taking a breathe to digest what just happened, while wharfing from one sexy location to location, always immaculately dressed and if they're female always in possession of a killer wardrobe and divine arm candy.
The current main storyline concerns the up until now super sensible, but oh so silly named Binky and her boyfriend Alex; well actually I should ex, ex boyfriend.
First, because he cheated on her 3 times and then after she'd taken him back after this spell of cheating; it was revealed (two of her girlfriends at a social gathering) that while they were 'on a break', Alex had, had an orgy with several girls and his best buddy Spencer.
I sat google-eyed as Binky wrestled with staying true to the candle of love she still held for Alex and her increasingly exasperated group of girlfriends, pleading with her to see sense. Binky of course saw absolutely no sense and proceeding to lost it with two of her best girlfriends and in the most WTF moment of the episode, made peace with Spencer, Alex's orgy buddy in crime.
Honestly you couldn't make it up - of course I jest since like so much other reality TV series MIC undoubtedly has more than it's fair share of scripted moments, usually for characters who are interminably boring like Victoria 'Horse Face', who's job remains a mystery and whose biggest MIC moment to date was denouncing another cast member Cheska as being...horror or horrors...Ugly !
My writing has just been interrupted by a mini tribe of curly haired 'far to beautiful for words' curly haired boys taking pictures outside the Starbucks I'm writing in. It seems a timely place to end this entry.

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