Saturday, 2 August 2014

Tulisa : The Price of Fame

There was a definite poor me/victim slate, along with a dash of paranoia and shades of Geri Halliwell who did a truly awful documentary charting her life after her spilt from the Spice Girls :0)

Call me cynical but the fact that Tulisa took the time to enlist a film crew to chart her 'agony' and try to spin a bad situation, to help with her media and in turn sponsor...ship rehabilitation; was pretty hard-nosed and businesslike, contrasting sharply with the actions of the victim she was trying to portray to us.

Her acting audition which was apparently ruined by someone following her to her casting agents, seems to have continued at home with her tearful monologue to camera. Just a flag, who cries into a camera and then keeps ranting 'they made it happen!' ?

We've always known about leaks to the press, but when the film confirm that her right-hand man Gareth had leaked a false court location to the press, it made me wonder what else have #TeamTulisa leaked to the press during the course of the year.

So who's to blame for Tulisa's situation - she is. There's no smoke without fire, particularly when your last meltdown was over your sex tape being released on the internet.

The buck stops with her behaviour and she should take ownership of that. She put herself in a very dodgy situation driven by greed and to a degree stupidity. She believed her own hype and it's the one thing, that has destroyed many a bigger and better 'star' than she is and ever will be.

If Tulisa thought this documentary was going to put her point of view across, unfortunately she failed. Of course Twitter flamed with tweets about the show, some from #TeamTulisa, saying how strong she had been during her 'ordeal' . The rest focused on her massively changed physical appearance, particularly her lips since her N'Dubz days.

Only time will tell whether Tulisa : The Price of Fame has proved to be an own goal for its star.