Sunday, 25 September 2011

Off the Text Radar 2

Without much effort at all, Off the Text Radar (OTTR) man has become 'He's Just Not Into You' guy.

I had pretty much resigned myself to our faux date not happening after the text message, until yesterday evening.

"Hi B. Up for a few drinks tomorrow?"

I was with S at the time, who said OTTR's previous no text response, was a guy thing and I should go along anyway.

So I replied, coolly saying that I was going to be in town anyway (which I was!) and suggested meeting at a central bar, at a reasonable time for a lazy Sunday.

"Ok see you then" , was his reply.

"What's your gut instinct about this guy?" asked S.

"Expect nothing from the date and a definite we'll see moment",I replied.

My instincts weren't wrong.

This morning, just before my hot yoga class OTTR texted.

"Hi B. Sorry I have to cancel today sorry. Let's try some evening or next weekend"

I rest my case unfortunately.

Why oh why do some men and (because I'm not some crazed dating feminist, who thinks that all dating crimes are committed solely by men!) women, behave in this way?

What does it say to your date, when you can't be bothered to turn up and you tell them the news via text! You can't even extend them the curtesy of a phone call. If you don't know I'll tell you it's rude!

A telephone call means some form of justification has to be offered for your absence, and if you're a crap liar, possible exposure.

Fortunately, an old hand like moi can read it for what it is - 'He's Just Not Into To Me', or more accurately, can't be bothered to be.

Cancelling is cool with me. I don't want to force anyone to spend time with me, if it's a chore for them or they're too busy, but really why all the smoke and mirrors?

Just say you changed your mind and, man (or) woman up !

Thursday, 22 September 2011

All Hail Adele !

As anyone who regularly follows my blog knows, I initially started the blog to chart my notoriously pants lovelife.

Realising quite quickly that I wasn't half as amusing or interesting as Carrie Bradshaw and her pals, I expanded it to include more general content about my life, friends, family and other stuff !

The soundtrack to my blog which I write to, used to be just pop, jazz and soul music, usually accompanied or interrupted by girlie gossip and food or the heartbreak diet depending on the state of my lovelife. New favourites were pretty rare, until Adele sang her way into my heart.

Tonight I finally saw her in concert with my BF Aisha. Adele was in her own potty mouthed way 'freaking amazing'!

Appearing first as a backlit silhouette singing Hometown Glory, her actual appearance onstage practically blew the roof off the Royal Albert Hall, with mass applause from a very appreciative audience.

I have to admit I just about made it through Turning Tables (arguably my favourite track off '21'), without turning into a tear puddle, due to some hilarious pre-song banter from Adele regarding her ex partner who she wrote the song about.

Between song banter is a talent sadly lacking in some of the world's biggest music stars, which means when you come across gold star quality banter, which is exactly what Adele has in spades,you can't help but lap it up.

She is side splittingly funny, without being crude, nasty or harsh. Refreshingly honest about her mistakes in life and in particular with men.

We loved it. Nodding in agreement at those 'crappy' empathetic romantic moments that we've all experienced and laughing with her, about her mock diva outbursts. For someone who's known for singing sad songs, this lady is anything but that.

She sang all her hits - Chasing Pavements,Don't You Remember, Rumour Has It to name a few,and a few covers - Bonnie Raitt's I Can't Make You Love Me and the Cure's Lovesong, all of which were interwoven with her infectious personality and funny stories.

Her tone was beautiful, rich, warm and effortless. Her pitch was unbelievable, especially as she explained that she was recently recovered from a respiratory problem. She gave it her all, even restarting one song, because she felt she hadn't nailed the beginning of it correctly.

Poignantly she paid tribute to Amy Winehouse by dedicating Make You Feel My Love, to her. Her beautiful rendition was heightened by the lights being dimmed, everyone switching their phone lights on at her request, while a blanket of lit stars spiralled around the hall, bouncing off a huge mirrored ball in the centre of it.

She saved Someone Like You, until the end and was just as electrifying as her now famous Brit Awards performance. We sang the chorus back to her twice and just like she did at the Brits, the love in the hall for her, moved both her and quite a lot of us to tears.

Fortunately, she came back out for an encore of Rolling In the Deep, which had everyone on their feet dancing and clapping. Adele left the stage, exactly as she arrived, to the sound of an audience, besotted by her voice, now in love with her humour and humility.

If you get the chance to go and see her, take my advice and do it !

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Off The Text Radar !

So it's lucky I wasn't too excited about the faux date, because of course it's off or as I like to call it he's dropped off the text radar.

We last talk texted (both ways!)on Friday. Nothing crazy just how our weeks' were and where to meet for the faux date. He said he was back in the UK on Tuesday and was also moving flat.

So yesterday I texted in the evening:

"Hope you had a good trip and good luck with your flat move"

Response....nothing !

Bearing in mind I have learnt over the years, through my vast rubbish dating experience (surely, I must be close to a lifetime achievement award by now?) that over texting your love interest, is akin to revealing bunny boiler tendencies, I thought that my text was friendly and polite.

Clearly he thought otherwise....ho hum!

Expect nothing as a dating diva and you will never be surprised or disappointed in love.

I have had one brilliant breakthrough so far this week. Monday was H's birthday(I know it's rubbish that I can still remember it!), but I didn't wail or get mournful about what might have been.

I just wished him a Happy Birthday (No I didn't call him, or email him (that would have been pathetic and besides I did that last year - just the email ok?).

I just said 'Happy Birthday H' aloud when I woke up, and then I let it go. I knew that he would be having an amazing time with his family and above all he's happy :0), which is all I ever wanted him to be.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Sliding Doors

Today was beyond pants. I have had a cold for the last three days which is making me mega grumpy as I hate being sick.

Added to this, I was late (unheard of for me, as I am obsessed about being on time for anything work related!) for a permanent (freelance = unwanted limbo for me, scary beyond belief in this economic climate!) interview by a staggering 17 minutes !

Why - Transport for London (I missed all my connections and I mean every single one by literally nano seconds!).

Then when I finally got in the right area, I got wrong directions from 3 different people (two iphone assisted!), along with two other people who were adamnant, that the street I was looking for only existed in Soho (honestly this is London, every street has a twin somewhere!)and you might as well have pretty much written off my day.

Just to seal my miserable bad luck, I found that I had completely missed the map that my interviewer had helpfully attached on two previous emails and you could say the interview gods deserted me today along with the 'Give BB a break' fairies.

Fortunately, my interviewer was compassion enough to see me mortification, and after teasing me about my inability to notice email attachements, very kindly agreed to see me anyway.

The outcome is of course a TBC, as seems to be the case with every single business encounter I am involved in at, but I'm the moment.

However, I am hoping that my unintentionally unique 'how not to make a good first impression at an interview', at the very least makes me a memorable candidate !

We shall see and can all of us keep our fingers crossed please !

Thursday, 8 September 2011

I Am In Vogue

I live to breathe - Beauty and Fashion. In fact, if I could indulge both passions at the same time, then I would officially be in a Sex and The City heaven all of my own.

I arrived at John Lewis for my first Vogue Fashion's Night Out event. The ultimate beauty and fashion shopping party, involving retailers in shopping capitals across the world holding a late night shopping event so their customers can grab an extra shot of retail therapy.

I had a cracking time, but that was because I followed my event survival rules. I made friends with the event bouncer aka the unfortunate crew member who is assigned the unenviable task of keeping the crowd in check.

I also arrived early enough to stake my claim on a decent fashion show vantage point. I let go of the my natural disappointment about attending a goodie bag free fashion moment, even though they were advertised in the pre-event flyer(annoying!), and I very sensibly wore flat shoes.

What I was not prepared for was the late invasion of more fashion devotees - The ladies that lunch team - elegant hair, heels and designer clad from top to toe. The fashionista crowd - usually fashion students, bloggers, journalists and friends of the models - dressed completely on trend and seemingly unable to function without a iphone, blackberry, or glass of wine in their hands !

But is was the blue rinse posse - long term store devotees who would attend the opening of an a new coffeemaker; who arrived a few minutes before the show and stirred things up by standing in front of everyone.

They were urged to take several steps back by our annoyed bouncer. One lady in particular who really reminded me David Williams in a dress, complained loudly about not being able to step back because of my 'silly big bag'. She glared at me as she said it.

When we were asked to move again I did, but accidentially on purpose, caught her ankle with my umbrella....whoops ! I didn't hear a peep from her after that !

And then the show began. It rocked. Not only were the new season clothes, wearable, witty and in a great colour palette, alongside the usual salad chasing model types, some 'real' women of normal size, struttered their stuff up down the catwalk and most delightfully; some older ladies who looked gorgeous, elegant and actually had fun with the show and the audience. It was fab !

My event number two was the Biba fashion show at House of Fraser. This label's been unsuccessfully revived several times since its 70s heyday, but the current design team have brought back that retro vibe with a contemporary twist brilliantly.

Leopard print (which I usually despise as a coat, a top, a cardigan...its just wrong let's be honest), has never looked so must have. Hollywood style evening dresses, tie-draped silks, beautifully tailored trousers and knitwear you don't want to take off, all got a massive tick from me.

I have to give a special mention also to their host/models who welcomed customers into the store and a lovely lady who was handing out the event flyers and looked amazing in a signature Biba gown.

Event three my beauty fix, was a real let down. Bare Escentuals, who promised much online and actually delivered very little. The makeover booth was fully staffed , but crucially they forget to allocate one floor assistant to answer product questions. This seems to be the story of my life - remember B & Q?

The 'free' gift you were supposed to receive if you brought something was nowhere to be seen. Customers like to see their 'freebie' before buying something.

Instead they devoted a table to some dodgy looking strawberry cocktails and decorative (they were soooo tiny!) cup cakes, which weren't offered to customers. Stuff like that drives me nuts. You are selling an should be a good one for all your customers.

Going over to MAC was like being on the sunny side of the street. A military trained makeover squad were turning out some fabulous looks on their customers. Floor assistants were on hand to give advice, ipromptu specific mini makeovers. Everyone was profession, engaged and made you feel great, and valued.

Next up - London Fashion Weekend 22nd - 25th September

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


There's nothing like truly useless company feedback to get my back up. As you all know, I am on the books of numerous agents looking for my dream job.

My original dream job ended up being won by someone was ironically announced to the world today and sent me into a huffy BB strop (well I'm not called Diva for nothing) and set the tone for one of those days, when you feel you have to fight every step of the way, to make an inch of progress.

Back at BB Towers, I received feedback from one of my 'entourage' about two roles they had put me forward for. I have decided to rename all of my 'agents' entourage from now on, since they now run in to double digits, bug me with mostly irrelevant questions and are dependent on me landing highly lucrative work to get paid handsomely !

Apparently I was perfect for both of the roles, if I had 18 months more experience. How bloody useless is that as candidate feedback?

Really, what the hell am I supposed to do with that? In a word - nothing.

Unless of course, I happen to suddenly find myself in a Quatum Leap style void, 18 months on from today, maybe in someone else's body (you have to have watched the TV show to get that reference!), but with the desired 18 months under my belt.

It's just nuts. Aside from my many other somewhat dubious qualities, I am if anything practical, so I responded by saying that we need to move away from the 'dream job zone', if that is the type of feedback we are getting.

Being the stubborn, bundle of self belief that I am, I got right onto Twitter and offered some BB Sparkle in return for some additional dream job relevant experience (not 18 months worth though!)

I'm not sure what will come from it, but I'm damned if I'm going to accept crap feedback like that and be fopped off. It's just not in my nature.

Rant over !

I have now consumed nearly half a packet of Haribos and am about to return to creating a dream job relevant blog to help promote myself.

I'm like some manic blogging English Bulldog !

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The List

So I now have two clients. Following the beginners guide to being a freelance, I have offered my services so low that even I can afford to hire myself.

I've been pretty discplined about getting work done, networking like my life depends on it and taking lots of risks in approaching just about anyone.

Slowly, but surely my list of contacts is growing (mainly at snail pace...but then this is not a race and its quality not quantity as my Mum always says !)

Phase 2 is revisiting my other blog (the beauty one!) and making sure it is updated with all the daily lessons I've been learning on this one and via Twitter, Facebook, Mashable etc...etc.

Every day is like some crazy new adventure. What's been lovely is the sense of community you get from being online. Working in isolation as I am pretty much most of the time now, there's nothing like some encouraging words or advice to give you a little virtual high five boost !

My day continued on a high five with the receipt of an email confirming my concert tickets to Adele are, as I speak winging their way to me. I brought them so long ago, that I had almost forgotten about them!

MC and I are now playing text tennis, which is entertaining, and a tad confusing...why text when you can talk? Arrrr... my days of trying to understand men has taught of about 10mins ago....nothing!

The countdown to our faux date continues !

Friday, 2 September 2011

End Of A Good Week

Things are most definitely looking up at last. I have a tenant - yahoo ! However she is broken-hearted...yes you've guessed it.. man trouble. Even when I am not involved with them 1 on 1 somehow a man always crops up in my divashphere.

She ran me through the relationship car wreck, including the obligatory heartbreak diet results. She's lost 7lbs in a week and developed a love of sad songs. I talked her down from the ledge that is Celine and Whitney and helpfully steered her away from Adele.

On the work front I have truly become a 100% freelance diva. Met with a client this week, full of social media ideas to help push their business. They left happy, I was Miss smiley face and I never felt more comfortable. It was the boost I needed to prove to myself that I am on the right track.

My best laugh of the week came from a junior client facing RA I spoke to who naively asked me.

"Why so many people were moving over to Community Manager roles?"

Bless her little heart, I could so easily have taken her through the basics of the explosion of social media in business in the past five years, but just like Bambi's face when his mum brought it, I didn't want to shatter that innocence !

Miss P called with news of an immiment beauty SOS package she is sending me from my 'Sliding Doors'(movie reference!!) home NY. I actually yelped like some over excited puppy, when she ran through the contents. I may be living on fresh air at the moment, but it doesn't mean I don't want to look fabulous while I'm doing it!

Man update for week ending September 2nd - I have a faux date (my name for any shared man time not written in stone, as opposed to the usual sand for me!) with the rather delicious MC, when he gets back from his latest business trip.

Expectation of it taking place and us getting usual with me watch this space !