Friday, 15 February 2013

Happy UnValentine Day !

So how was my Valentine's Day? 

Distinctly average if I'm honest.  No unexpected cards, flowers, cuddly toys or declarations from unmasked admirers, who could barely contain their passion for me :0)

Yes it was exactly as I expected.

The difference this year, unlike so many other years, where I've hoped and dreamed that any love interest I might have been entangled with, had decided to come over all romantic and surprise me;  is I had absolutely no expectations of anything happening.

Strangely my usual annoyance at this day of relentless romance and commercial over kill evaporated, giving way to my thanks for the family and friends in my life, who show their love and care for me every day.

I was moved to tears, by an article I read about a widowed advertising director.

His beautiful much beloved wife was killed, by a rogue driver who careered off the road, onto the pavement and straight towards her. 

She was pushing their baby son in his pushchair at the time.  She managed to push him out of the path of the car, but ended up taking the full impact of it.

One year on, her husband had written a heartbreaking open letter from first from himself and then one from their baby son, 'entitled 'My Lonely Valentine' reflecting on her presence and impact in both their lives, as well as the overwhelming loss that her death had left them with.

I haven't read anything so sad , so bittersweet in a very long time. I haven't come across such painful honesty and searing pain, about finding that one perfect person, loving them unconditionally and then having them cruelly snatched away from you.

Which led me to not fixate on what might have been for me, on that day of lovers, but to remember and be content with the present and making every second count.

Happy UnValentine's Day my friends :0)

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Fast Love

Wanna hear a story about love on Valentine's Day?

It was so sleekly done, I couldn't tear myself away from doing some hardcore people watching and listening !

Phil and Alice were sitting on a train, when Phil noticed Alice sitting alone. Liking what he saw he walked across the train, presented Alice with a rose and told her how beautiful she looked. As soon as Alice smiled, he asked what she was doing tonight. 

She told him and quick as a flash he asked for her number and said he'd meet her.

It was seamless !

Phil even called her phone to make sure she'd given him the right number.

When he got off the train, Alice waved happily at him and as he disappeared from view, she sunk back into her seat and sniffed the rose and smiling to herself.

I'm dying to know what happens next :0)

Monday, 11 February 2013

Return of The Cheater !!

Cheater (song)
Cheater (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I've always thought the measure of love is not just as Bryon said what you're willing to give up for it.

But rather how when it's over, you move on, recognising what went wrong and remembering that, when you start your next big love affair.

Since she split up with F, M's been on a roll. Work's on the up, she looks great and personally she's returned to being the sassy little so and so that we all know and love.

F on the other hand just can't let things go and has adopted R's preferred mode of communication, by repeatedly texting M to meet him because..

"We need to talk"

Just to recap on things, F is married and so far as we all know, is not thinking about changing that status anytime soon.

His campaign to win M back, soared to whole new level ,when he sent her a text saying he was 'prepared to be in her bed every night and have children with her".

In that single text, he exposed himself as being one of the most singularly, arrogant, self deluded jerks' ever ! 

First, trying to win back your ex via text! Just a tad lazy maybe?

Then if you break down his text,  just like M and I did,  all you can do really is laugh.

1) "I'm prepared"- wow how very generous of you Mr Cheating Pants
2) "To sleep in your bed every night" - How gracious of you, but aren't you still with your wife? Surely she'll have something to say about that?
3) "and have children"  - Arrrr aren't you still with your wife?

Nothing like a little touch of self delusion, to stop someone facing up to the fact that they've messed up BIG STYLIE !!
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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Hanging Out With B

First to all of you who've already told me this - you're right !

I can't call him Big - because Carrie already did that ! So I'm gonna call him Boo. Why? Because he definitely looks like a man's man, more than capable of handling himself and anyone else for that matter, but when he smiles....yep it's that good ! Kind of like a surprise that sneaks up on you and yells out ...Boo!

So how's it all going ?  Just great thank you ! I've gone from being pretty much over 'the fairytale', to an optimistic nutter, who walks around with a semi-permanent dopey grin on her face:0)

Long distance 'dancing', isn't all hearts and flowers though, Skype great, but laughing and talking to a flickering screen, that's at the mercy of IT bugbears, tempermental webcams, crossed lines and other calls, is no substitute for the real deal of having that special someone sat on the sofa beside you.

It's definitely thrown me a cheeky curveball. I've found myself wondering why B hasn't been snapped up by someone else yet ? How for the the first time in a very long time I feel like I've lucked out ! 

I'm not the involuntary participant of a love triangle I do or don't know about!  Hell I've even abandoned that trying to figure out what he's thinking gig, that so many women I know, spend endless hours unsuccessfully doing. Maybe it's years of love disappointment that made me so cynical before B.

Finding myself in the midst of an old style courtship is also strangely freeing.  Honesty has always sadly lacking in my love shack, so being with someone who just says it how it is, good or bad is like night and day.

Work is unfortunately, keeping me firmly at my desk until March, at which time, nothing and I mean nothing is going to stop me from hopping on a plane and hanging out with B :0)