Friday, 30 July 2010

Good Manners Cost Nothing !

I know that men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, but there is no reason for some men to experience good manners dysfunctionality.

Take LL who last week went to a festival with a suitor. Her date brought her ticket, which she offered to pay for. When her date declined, to balance things out and show her appreciation,she proceeded to pay for all their drinks, cigarettes and snacks during the day.

She was rewarded, or so she thought with a t-shirt and a smooch, which she thanked him for. At the end of the festival, they stayed to hang out with some friends.

LL got on particularly well with a rather cheeky friend of a friend, but made it clear to him, in front of their friends that she was actually with somebody, and even pointed him out to the cheeky boy.

He accepted this and when she and her date, ended up missing the last train home, one their friends (not the cheeky boy!), offered them a bed for the night and said they would give them a lift to station the next morning.

In the morning, her date sulked. He sulked over breakfast, he sulked during their journey home, he even sulked, when she thanked him for taking her to the festival.

This morning, she got an email from him accusing her of humiliating him, being a 'wanton flirt' and itemised everything from the ticket price, including original booking fee, through to the t-shirt he 'gave' her as a 'gift'.

Best of all he actually included his bank details so she could the money in as cash.

The wonderful thing about LL is razor sharp wit. She responded thanking him for his email and itemising everything she has paid for over the two days of the festival.

Her grand total outstripped his by £9.00. She graciously told him, she was prepared to let him off and hoped he had a great life!

I am still trying to get my head around him giving her his bank account details !

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Surprising Myself

In my bedroom just by the window, is my inspiration wall. Whenevre I have an idea, wish or intention, I write it on a post-it note and put it on my wall, where it stays as a daily reminder of what I want to achieve.

Yesterday I took down the following:

1) Be happy and leave HWMBO's negative vibes behind me
2) Find a job I am passionate about and like doing
3) Make more money, as believe it or not at work, I some how always manage to undersell myself.
4) Change gym's because my one's crap
5) Care more about me and try more new things like music, activities whatever I like the look of.
6) Turn my bathroom into a boutique hotel clone

The power of positive vibes shouldn't be sniffed at..after all it's only July !

All's that left is:

7) Find a new Mr Right Now


8) To win the lottery

Hope is a wonderful thing!

Monday, 19 July 2010

New Job! New Scenery!

There are few things I enjoy more than watching two smart, hot guys trying to out do each other with their various strategy updates. Yes cherubs, suddenly attending meetings as a member of management team, as opposed to the chick that makes sure there is coffe and sandwiches in the room; has made my life just that little bit more fun!

Thank goodness for distracting eye candy in my meetings (probably the only reason why for once I don't have to drink copious amounts of coffee to keep me awake - as you all know I have the attention span of an ant!).

Yes, the eye candy doesn't just end there is also eye candy in Facilities - tall rock star guy, who looks so good in his jeans and t-shirt, that conversations end when he walks through our floor.

There is canteen candy - our canteen has such a high quality, diverse menu, that even the gym boys, knowing that they can grab their protein fixes and check out the lovely ladies in our office.

There's nothing like the 'competitive' fashion displays that happen daily to make a woman, even yours truly seriously reconsider her wardrobe choices!

Monday, 12 July 2010

The One Where I Roll The Dice

My bad luck has the distinct habit of not just coming in threes, but
usually in the higher 6s and 7s.

For this reason I am currently overwhelmed by just how good things are going. Today has been a true red BB day.

I was offered the boring bank job and for once in my life I played hard to get with the other job that I wanted, who initially just offered me an extended contract. My demands were I thought just a little cheeky!

They 'courted' me over the weekend and met with me first thing this morning. By close of play today what was on the table was a permanent (non PA/EA -thank God!) Operations Manager role, for more money than the bank job and working in one of my favourite industries.

I'm still smiling ! Who would have thought that when I parted company with
HWMBO in January (who now has yet another me - now is that 3 or 4 new me's so far....I forget!), things would turn out so well for me.

I've always kidded myself when things have 'gone bad' that they happened for a reason.

I've held on to that even when I had no reason to believe it and now for the first time in a long time, its seems everything's going just great.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Good News !

Just twenty-four hours before I was about to accept that boring bank job, I've been saved!

Saved from making the same mistake that I've made in the past when its come to my not so fabulous career - choosing security over going after a job in the industry I really want to work in, doing a job that challenges me.

My lucky break came at the end of the day, when the Ops Director called me in for a catch up and asked me what my plans were, at the end of my current contract with them.

I played it cool "Well I have a second interview tomorrow, but what I do about that rather depends on you".

Half an hour later, I left with an extended contract, a list of targets and a massive grin on my face.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Facing Up To The Past

There's one sure fire moment which can dampen a evening's virtual dating catch-up. Bumping into your ex online.

As I adjusted my search filter settings (ladies,you must all do this from time to time to introduce fresh prey ..into your dating pond!), there he was.. quite a coincidence as well, since I found that cosmic ordering list of his ....Mr Scotland.

There he was in living technicolour, smiling that gleaming gameshow host smile of his and looking as ever like a very short, fat (well much fatter than he was when we were together), slightly dodgy used car salesman.

Some three years after we split among recriminations and withdrawal of conjungal rights(by him not me!). He said no physical contact with me, was the most effective, painful way he could show his utter contempt for me).

It was no wonder I ran straight into H's welcoming arms. Although that comfort, proved short-lived and ultimately bittersweet.

I blame his Mum - an ice cold vessel who hated me on sight for not being white and Catholic and used to call me his 'dollybird', usually when he was on the phone to here, with me sitting beside him.

He also kept mentioning a colleague that he fancied, who was so much sexier than me and he was going to date after me (of course it never happend - she liked tall, athetic hunks and most definitely wasn't attracted to mummy's boys!)

There is a dating myth, that some men will only rain misery on those women who accept it from them and at that point in my life, I was so grateful that someone wanted to date me, I took all the crap Mr Scotland had to offer. Yes, I really was that dumb and that needy.

I admit I was really glad to see that unlike my usual ex's, who usually replace me as I leave stage door left or in H's case just went back home to his wife 'feeling guilty', but telling me to "take care" of myself, because he sure as hell wasn't going to.

Yes the universe has quietly let Mr Scotland know that he isn't half as irresistable to the opposite sex, as he never stopped telling me he was.

My smugness left me rapidly, as it hit me that I'm hardly on the most wanted list of dates,you might want to spend the rest of your life with either. After all I'm single just like he is...which begs the question do you get the dating history you make for yourself?

It was only after I'd read his profile which talked about how great he was, what he'd achieved,the fact that he has a big house, a flash car, great job and that finally, as everyone he knows is now settled, he feels that he might as well be with someone and his only bad point to any lucky lady who had been taken by his glowing profile, was that he could be stubborn.

And right there in black and white, is where our dating history separated, between the negative and the positive. One of those insurmountable peaks that you never notice when you are dating the person, but it clubs you on the head after you finish with them.

It's funny knowing him as well as I did, to 'bump into' a once important person from my past and find them exactly the same. Completely self absorbed, locked into his own ego and desires.

Someone who has learnt nothing from those past 'mistakes' and remains a complete and utter knob.

I may not be perfect, but at least I acknowledge it. That's been my biggest lesson over the last few years.

You see that was always Mr Scotland's problem...he was always right (so he believed).....which nobody ever is...particularly when it comes to dating.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

The One Where I Lost It!

There are very few things that anger me more than large organisations who provide us with essential services like gas, electricity and water, and their annoying attitude when we complain about them.

I arrive home today to a bill from my electricity provider of £742.68 for the period of April to June - wait for it - 2010!

Clearly a mistake, since I am never home (I'll admit I've returned to my workaholic ways to escape my latest dating dip - for the last month I have been pursued by old men(not the Richard Gere variety), Mr Invisible (still!), a no good ex of the lowest form (he cheated on me with a hobbit aka a baby woman - hot, but neither smart or fabulous) - I turned down his kind offer of a booty call and told him what a tool he was!

Why sleep with someone who wasn't particularly good at it, just for the hell of it, when a friendly little rabbit can do the job more than adequately and in the words of the golden arches -" Just the way you like it!"

The customer service advisor (who had all the diplomacy of a dictator deciding what to do with his latest captives), proceeded to tell me that because my bills had been estimated for the last year, unfortunately having finally read my meter, they had decided that I had underpaid.

However, fortunately for me once I have paid this ridiculous bill, going forward they would now have a correct estimate of how much electricity I use.

I flipped out bigtime.

"Do you have any idea of how stupid what you just said sounded. You just told me I have incurred and will now have to pay you the equivalent of a month's mortgage payment because you have been estimating my bill and then you laughingly tell me that once I've paid this bill,you will be able to predict my future bills correctly."

"Yes", he snapped back.

As I continued to rant (when I get started complaining I am a tornado of insults and debate!), P's nephew who'd come round to clear the backyard, grimaced probably wondering how he'd ended up working for a crazy woman.

"Tough day?", he said smirking. "You said it" I replied.