Sunday, 22 February 2009

Lightswitch Frogs

When talking to Prince Charming now transformed to a frog, the morning after a not so sleep-filled night before, the only thing you need to remember is to put that night down to temporary alcohol-induced insanity or prolonged air deprivation. If however, your Frog Prince works in the same office as you, then forgetting may be a tad harder.

My Frog Prince was a monosyllabic stubble-chinned IT hottie with a multiple personality. He seduced women for sport, ruthlessly charming them then taking what was sincerely offered by them – friendship, food, sex, help on a work project etc swiftly moved on. The turning point was of course, when his target, deluded by his outward niceness, believed herself to be his girlfriend. Without breaking a sweat, he exited stage left. No text, no phone call – nothing that would offer an explanation for his behaviour.

Have all men the potential to behave like light-switch frogs? Seductively hot during the chase, then detached, slimily stone cold when they are finally caught? And why is this type of behaviour though completely annoying, and really unacceptable, so damn sexy?

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