Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Here I Go Again!

Honest (soundtrack)
Honest (soundtrack) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Well I'm back. Having hit the wall three shorts weeks ago, I am now in week two of my new permanent job. Yay BB!!

I'm still a little shell-shocked if I'm honest, but ready to keep my head down and work hard.

Regaining that sense of permanence about work, after missing  it for such a long time in my life, is a real relief.

I'm beyond grateful for the opportunity and mindful that I can't slip back in my workaholic default, where work comes first and I let my personal life go to to wall.

After all if if I haven't learnt anything about the emptiness of being defined by your work; then the last 14 months might as well have not have happened at all.

My big lesson - was that your family and your health have to come first, above work, material gains and that smug satisfaction that sometimes overtakes  you when you're on a roll and stupidly believe your own hype; that whispers nothing will ever touch you.

I'm not that person anymore and am slowly working on that work life balance, I've always been so rubbish at. My 'new leaf' balance started when my nephew took me out for a meal and then a movie - Skyfall - I loved it,  he thought was just ok, on a 'school night'- I know, how crazy am I :0)
For once in my life, instead of texting to say that I was stuck at work, I left on right on the dot. Dinner before the movie gave us the chance to catch up early. Being newly engaged definitely suits him.  He replayed the proposal moment by moment, complete with a ring on his Blackberry - and, well it was soo sweet !

I admire his optimism and total belief in the dream (well for me anyway up to this point !) that love really can conquer all !

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