Monday, 27 February 2012

February Round-up !

Suricata suricatta Deutsch: Erdmännchen bei de...Image via WikipediaMmmm. Well its been a weird one.

Z's baby arrived yesterday to at least end the month on a high. The rest of it has been very much up and down daily.

R is still texting, almost as if his decision to call time on us, might have been a little hasty. It's only been a few weeks, but for me there's no going back when a
guy can't make up his mind what he wants in a relationship and stick by it.

The funny thing is R was one of the easiest guys I've ever been with because I was just me. Well by that I mean, just how I am with family and friends, so I didn't feel that pull of trying to be amazing all the time. I'm sad things didn't work, but I'm happy I'm getting there on the man front.

I left my last 'gig' two weeks ago and even now as I wait fingers crossed for one of my other 'opportunities' to take come through (please let it be soon, before I die of work-free boredom), it remains the right thing I did for me in terms of moving myself onto to better things.

I miss the team, but not that sense brain freeze when you set yourself up in auto pilot each morning, in a role that only pays your bills, but it you stay long enough can slowly kill your soul.

At the moment every other person who finds their way to my door wants something - cv, advice, yesterday I asked for something - yep remember my front door ! 

L and hubby D stopped by BB Towers.  L made sure I was recovered from the mother of all migraine I had on Saturday that knocked me out, while D took the reins as super DIY D and turned my door into a work of art.

It probably seems like nothing in the great scheme of things, but really as every part of our lives means walking through a door to a new situation however small, my new door is long overdue to be opened.

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