Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Unwelcome Gifts

The Hope of Spring to ComeImage by Puzzler4879 via FlickrIf you think you've got a gripe about your work place, nothing and I mean nothing has a patch on the ex employee, for the company I work for, who left a little gift for the company on our front door today.

I sent one of our interns out on a few local errands. When she came back from the last one, she handed me a bag she found dangling on our office reception door.

She handed it to me and I opened it. Inside it was a large turd. That's right a turd !

I retied the bag quickly and asked her to put it discreetly in the public bin outside.

Twenty minutes of CCTV footage review led us to the culprit, sacked the night before for leaving the business without permission and well before the end of his day.

I've heard of people thinking their work was 'crap',  but I have never see them demonstrate it sooo creatively !

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