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Colin Eyes the Prize ! - Interview With Eyewear Designer, Colin Leslie (Part 1)

You may have noticed we’ve been tweeting like crazy all week about @Colinleslie01aka #Colin Leslie Eyewear. So what is it about him that's got us on tweet overload?
They say accessories can make or break an outfit. For me that includes eyewear, like some fabulous shades or glasses, which led me to Colin Leslie Eyewear. Founded in 2009, his bamboo ethical eyewear collections have grabbed the attentions of celebrities, fashionistas and moi !

Divasdelite managed to pin down this multi-talented eyewear mogul for an interview, to learn more about him and his brand. Read part one on the interview below:

DD - Colin when did you realise you wanted to become an eyewear designer?

CL - In the early stages I did not realise that I was going to be a designer of eyewear. It just sort of happened, must be fate right? Actually, it all started after an accident that I had on the building site in 2009. I’ve been a carpenter/ joiner for over 30 years. I was off work for nearly 12 weeks convalescing. That got me thinking about the time I wouldn’t be able to climb over roofs and uneven ground, what was I going to do with myself?

So I thought, why not start a new business. Something fun but fashion based. I chose sunglasses because they linked in with my trade. And that’s how CL was born.

DD - What inspired you to design in bamboo?

CL- My passion has always been working with different timbers. Bamboo’s one of the fastest growing plants, at least a foot a day. It felt like the most natural and obvious source product to use and its perfect for ethical fashion.

DD - How long does it take to make a pair of your glasses?

CL - Normally the production of the glasses can take as long as 2 months. From design, prototype, manufacture to the final product.

DD - Where do you source your bamboo from?

CL - The bamboo is specially sourced from plantations in China, Hong Kong and Japan. It’s specially grown as material for furniture and other products. No wild or harsh bamboo is used, as this is harmful to the environments natural habitat.

Fashion as you know tends to go full circle. I am a young 51 with 4 adult children and my first granddaughter, but I can remember wearing the same ‘current’ styles when I was 16. So I’d say my style of eyewear, is more of a modern twist on old classics, Retro and Vintage.

DD - How would you describe your individual style and what inspired this year’s collection?

CL - Fashion tends to go full circle, I am a young 51 with 4 adult children and my first grandaughter, but I can still remember wearing many of the current styles when I was 16. In terms of my style I'd say I'm more of a modern twist of old classics, Retro and Vintage.

DD - What sparked your involvement in the AfCar Game and why should we all get involved?

CL - We became involved with Afcar, due to HKC Management.

CL is worn by a few of her celebrity contacts and clients like Rough Copy from Xfactor, singer/actor Ashley Walters from “So Solid Crew”, and Corrie Richards from “Damaged”. Helen Kotonias has been a great inspiration for our brand.

Afcar is a brilliant charity football match event and a great family day out. Team Caribbean featuring Jason Roberts, Andy Cole, DJ Campbell, Jamie Lawrence and Sol Campbell will be facing off against Team Africa which includes Patrick Vieira, the Sodje brothers, Ade Akinbiyi and Ibrahima Sonko

It’s not just a football game either. There’ll also be a dance-off, music, celebrity appearances, food stalls, face painting and a steel band. Tickets will cost £10 for adults and £5 for those under the age of 16, infants will be free. Family Ticket – for two adults and two children – is available for £25.Tickets can be bought on the Brentford ticketing website.

It’s going to be an amazing event and we should all support it.

(Read Part Two of Divasdelite exclusive interview with Colin Leslie tomorrow and we'll give you details on our Twitter competition to win some fabulous Colin Leslie sunglasses :0)

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