Sunday, 26 May 2013

Let the Good Times Roll !

Hi All, I'm back from under the radar of way too much work (the daytime gig), redisovering my passion (the night-time gig) and unbelievably things are still bubbling nicely along between B and me.

I laid things on the line

"Silence, doesn't equal a happy relationship"

Happily for me B got it and stepped up his game right away. We're not talking every day - let's be honest with work, time differences and just work in general, it's not sustainable. But we have managed to compromise and talk several times a week and touch wood it's working.

So man front tick.

Mum front tick.

She has now thankfully, finished her radiation therapy and with that crazy adventuress soul that I love about her, promptly announced that she's moving house and buying a condo in Miami - I know, she doesn't do things by half my Mum :0)

Finally, there's the work front. In the past three weeks I've had several opportunities turn up that I'm thrilled of which I'm posting after this. What's been great is the excitement and energy you can gain from loving what you do.

Compared with my daytime gig, which seems to be challenge upon challenge, my night-time gig is fun, this plus Mum's situation, is making me consider what I really need to be doing to be happy on all fronts.

Interesting times !!!

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