Saturday, 12 November 2011

In the Green Zone

It's not often I write about a date a few days after, but this one was a good one and what's followed it has been even better. For our first date R took me to the theatre.

R is completely the opposite to what I usually go for and as my dating track records is shocking, I agreed to go out with him and have somehow found myself in the green zone or as I like to call it - dating without drama !

He's fortysomething, in good shape, has a shaved head and a very cheeky smile. He laughs at his own jokes just a little too long, but hey it's hardly a deal breaker ! I regularly think I'm hysterically funny, even more so when I'm not and am just being a smart arse !

Before the date he texted to reconfirm it - which basically makes him a prince among dating men as far as I'm concerned.

Then he texted on the day, to ask me how my day was and to apologise because he was running five minutes late.

He arrived laden down with a laptop and a gym bag and looking very flustered, but took charge picking up the tickets. One glass of wine later and we were settling into our seats then the musical (one guilty pleasure that everyone should have!) started. It was awesome and so was his company.

We left the theatre too late to go for another drink, so we parted company at the tube with a suitably chaste kiss. As I walked through my front door he texted

"Hope you got home safety, let's meet up one evening next week. Sleep well xx"

I'm seeing him next Friday. Things haven't been this easy with a date in ages...fingers crossed :0)

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