Saturday, 19 November 2011

All Change

First I have to start with the ridiculous. A piece of celebrity trivia I am party to. Yesterday I bumped into Rihanna's new boyfriend in the a queue (so typically English!)

He was outrageously handsome, but not so much so that I didn't get my words out and chat with him while we were waiting to be served. I am happy to say he was charming and has a smile that very nearly left me floored !

Being an averagely attractive (my fabulousity varies in accordance with how how well I've applied my make-up and sleep !), I've always been freaked out truly beautiful people. It's as if they're alien beings from planet beautiful and if you look at them too long, you'll be hit by the ugly stick, for your viewing insolence.

Then there's R...yep we've hit two and a half weeks of dating. Something of a landmark for a non-dating buzz kill like myself. He's smart, funnish and polite and has absolutely no issues sending random text messages, which I find so refreshing.

He even calls me just for the hell of it for a chat and tells me what he's up to. It's so easy with him and just what I've been waiting for really.

I'm seeing him again tomorrow and have already broken the news to him, that although dinner will be great and he's welcome to stay over(he lives out in the sticks!), he will be on the sofa and will without a doubt confronted by my housemate in her dressing gown, first thing on Monday morning.

If he's willing to take on all of the above, then he is a brave man indeed !

On the work front - the gig is over...due to creative differences...I've always wanted to say that!

Actually, I was 'offered' an opportunity that wasn't actually ever an opportunity, aside from some free ideas labour of course.

The one thing I've learnt in this recession is people love to take from you and if they can get it for free all the better.

Fortunately, I had more work lined up which I started this week. The hours are brutal. I have no energy left most of the time to think, let alone talk, but I do feel there is an opportunity if I use my noodle to turn things to my advantage for a change.

What's comes next is up to moi !

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