Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Happy Diamond Jubilee !

Grace Jones
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We've just made it through four days of national rejoicing in celebration of our beloved Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee.

To say I was excited about the prospect, might have been overstating things a little initially, but I have been unexpectedly swept along by the sheer volume and joy of the national celebrations.

The amazing street party, which had me talking to and breaking cupcakes with, people I was previously just been on nodding terms with.

The Thames flooded by an Armanda of boats with the Royal Barge at its centre. The Mall carpeted by crowds clad in red white and blue or clasping furiously waved union jacks; whooping, clapping and cheering their hearts out.

And then to cap things all off - a night of fun at my friend's house party. We all watched and threw our best living room shapes, to the music concert organised by Gary Barlow.

One of the most unusual concerts I have ever seen, full of the most randomly selected artists ever !

Featuring one perfect moment of greatness from Ms Grace Jones singing, while hola hooping in a plastic bodysuit - unforgettable!

The days of a job for life are long over. The concept of duty and honour have for most part been marginalised by the helter skelter of modern living and just trying to get by. 

All of which makes the reality of the 60 years of service to the nation, the Queen has achieved all the more incredible.

During her reign there has been: 12 Prime Ministers, 12 US presidents, 6 Archbishops of Canterbury & 6 Popes.

She has watched the global map changed beyond recognition of the Commonwealth 'empire' she inherited. She has endured the sad losses of her beloved father, mother, sister and 'Queen of Hearts' daughter-in-law.

Throughout all of those six decades she has somehow weathered the many changes in trends, political affliations, cultures, styles and sometimes, her harshest critics  - public opinion and the media.

Despite everything she has remained one of the most loved, revered and recognised women in the world; as acknowledged by the union jack army of subjects who came to London this weekend to see the Queen!

She may now look tiny, especially compared to her two hulking grandsons and at times a little frail, but just like her famous predecessor Elizabeth I, she truly has

"The heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too!"

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