Monday, 4 June 2012

You're Hired !

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So I am happy to announce in the same week that Sir Alan Sugar hired and unveiled his latest Apprentice, my own auditions at BB Towers are over.

I have found, a fun, mentally well-adjusted (time will tell on that one, because as we all know I've been totally wrong before !) reliable, non-permanent at home pj and vest wearer, oh and hopefully honest housemate.

As always finding my new housemate has been no easy task. 

I have previously made some pretty random decisions about who I live with, based on anything from mutual tv viewing, relationship woes to them having a fabulous wardrobe or shoes. 

This less than authentic candidate selection, has led to some nightmare scenarios which I have no wish to repeat. This time around, my advertisement was direct and to the point stating exactly what I was looking for.

Instead of being swayed at tenant viewings, I stuck rigidly to my must-have list and quickly filtered out the looney tunes from the possibles !

Despite this, it didn't stop me having two weeks wasted by another preferred candidate who got so far as supplying me with a work reference and then decided she was happy where she was. Why? because her friend who was going to be moving out elsewhere, has also changed her mind and decided to stay put.

Because of that glitch and my previous experiences, I'm not getting excited about the new arrival until the tenancy agreement signed and the money's in the bank.

Then my dear friends, we shall see whether I've landed the real deal or another housemate from hell !

On the mega plus side I've just landed some more work, which should last for the next few months and I'm  putting the final touches to my business plan.

Slowly but surely BB is turning things around - thank God !   :0 )

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