Sunday, 3 June 2012

R Makes A Comeback !

I never thought I'd have to write the letter I'd write about R again, but unbelievably he's popped up. No not in person, via his customary mode of communication - text.

"Hi I'm Surrey tonight...fancy a drink? I'm happy to come and pick you up"

My first response was 'WTF!'

I always thought that complete 'mobile and social' silence in response to obvious booty call offers, was a universally recognised language - this ship has sailed !!!
What makes me laugh is R dumped me - via text - (charming !) because he didn't want a relationship.

However he now seems to think that trying to get things going again, in the friends with benefits mode would be something I'd happily go for.

How little he knows me and apparently women in general.

Did I respond to his way Jose ! He's one 'love' connection I won't be revisiting !

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