Saturday, 14 July 2012

BB Gets Her Dating Groove Back !

So for a dating and things that happen in my life kinda blog, I am willing to put my hands up and say that there's definitely been a distinct lack of dating recently.
First, because since R dumped me via text (yes, if you're new to 'divas' R was the 40something man who decided that behaving like his 16 year son when dealing with affairs of the heart, was the way to go.

Or in other words why say what's on your mind like a man, when you can text a non-reason for breaking up instead and avoid an awkward conversation.

I was disappointed, but mainly because he was so rude and cowardly about it.  If I'm even more honest, it left enough of a sour taste, to make  me not want to bother with men for awhile. Not that I am tarring them all with the same brush as R, but when you continually meet great guys who are already taken, and you're not the bit on a side type; you can easily fall into diva in her shell mode.

And second because after years of smugly and snobbily insisting on including 'must be in regular, continuous employment' on my ever decreasing list of attributes for my Mr Right Now; finding myself cast as a freelance - operating on a gig2gig status, in my eyes doesn't exactly make me the most desirable date out there.

It may sound a little nutty, but that's how far out of my comfort zone I feel right now.  Fortunately despite my dating reluctance fate intervened yesterday and via a kind deed of mine (knowing the Tube map inside out - I know, I'm a little weird remembering things others choose to forget!), I landed myself a date with a Canadian called Jeff.

Before I had even finished giving him directions, J had asked me for my number (which I didn't give him, but I did take his! ), asked me if I was single and what I was doing Saturday night.

I adore old school men. Straight down the line guys who are black and white direct. The type of men who know exactly what they want and just go after it,. One quick latte to think things over and I called him.

Tonight we went out and you know what I had a great time.

J is terrific company. He's smart, funny, knows how to treat a lady (doors opened, walking on the outside of the curb and evening pulling out my chair for me. He's a little younger than what I normally go for.

No, not jailbait. He's just turned 30. He has a shaved head - yah!  He's ridiculously easy on the eye which is weird for me as good looking guys scare me bigtime usually !

Why? I think it's the competition they seem to evoke in other women. Not saying I won't step up if I think another lady is coming on agressively to my other half, but doing it all the time would really hack me off.

I've only experienced it once before, when I was dating M a male model, who was a sweetheart, but really got a kick out of continuous female attention, even when he was out with me.

Back to J and I - Well we talked, hit a couple of bars, talked some more. Grabbed some food and then he walked me to my train and pulled out his big.... ...good night kiss. (ooo what dirty minds some of you have!).
It was definitely tip-top.  For all of you guys out there, it really is in your kiss. J's was right on the money and not because I have had a good snog in awhile, but just because he just had.... it!

So where is this all leading, unfortunately nowhere. J is in London only until Monday and then back to Canada, where you've guessed it he lives full-time and has a two year old son, who lives part of the time with him and the rest of the time with his ex-wife.

Am I sad about it. Not at all . Life is what it is. And as for J well let's just say he kissed BB back to dating life :0 )
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Gerard McGuickin said...

Girl... you go! I am so pleased for ya. You're gonna make some man a very happy guy one of these fine days and more that... you deserve love, kindness, courtesy and warmth from a great man - cos you are so worth it! xx