Thursday, 5 July 2012

Bounceback BB

After a life smackdown (e.g. a break-up, losing your job etc) there are two ways you can go.


With or without bad food, copious amounts of wine and some really bad background music. Oh and you absolutely must brood (the length of time you waste on this is up to you, but I strongly recommend no longer than a few days) !



Cry  it out and get right back on that horse that kicked you in the head, when you weren't looking.

You can guess which one I chose.  Don't get me wrong I did have one angry, self-pitying blub in the toilets at my b and b (bread and butter) job and treated myself to an extra latte after a fat busting lunch; but by the time I got home, having talked to a few friends, I got myself together.

The rest of the week has been spent chasing down new opportunities and gigs, being a Twitter wiseguy (or should that be wise diva?), and painting J's living room.

She's just moved to one of those fixer-uppers that is going to be beyond gorgeous when its done, but right now aside from the living room resembles a interior design nightmare !

Painting to the 'sounds' of totally kitsch Spice Girl megamixes and several volumes of 'Now That's What I Call Music' was strangely the best tonic I could have asked for.

Once we'd finished, we sat down and put together one of my ridiculously essential 'To Do' lists, so I had something to focus on.

Yes. I hold my hands up even in the midst of a crisis, I always have time to make a To Do list !

How do I feel right now ?  Blessed. To have great family and friends and optimistic, no wait it's more than that.

I am hopeful.

Because without Hope, it really would be game over for me ! :0 )

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Gerard McGuickin said...

Hope means a lot darlin'. Might as well give up if we lose hope... hope and faith in what is meant to be... and that "what is meant to be" is always gonna be better.

Riding that hope train with ya :-) xx