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Your Cheating Heart or Stuff Kirsten Stewart Should Know!

Ingrid Bergman
Cover of Ingrid Bergman
So Kirsten Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson with the older, married to supermodel, yes, that's right supermodel Liberty Ross, Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Saunders. Scandalous !!!!

Did Kirsten get tired of puppy love with beautiful 'boy' Pattinson. Was her head turned by long days on set with the older, but totally handsome Saunders?
Your guess is as good as mine.

But as any sensible person with other things to do with their time would say - 'Big Deal !!' Really two Hollywood types get together and do the nasty.  So what! This type of naughty Hollywood scandal is nearly as old as the hills themselves !

Everyone remembers Ingrid Bergman for Casablanca right? A classically beautiful Swedish beauty, who became the Queen of Hollywood. Winner of three Oscars and fourth on the all-time list of greatest ever female movie stars.

But all of that acclaim didn't save her when she fell in love with married director Roberto Rossellini. Oh and just to make things even more complicated, she was married as well at the time with two small children.

Payback Hollywood style meant she was effectively exiled from it for 10 years !!! Whether this will be Kirsten's fate or not, may just depend on how well received her 'very sorry I cheated on you' message goes down not just with her boyfriend Rob, but also with how it plays out with her viewing audience; which up til now has largely been teenage girls.

While Ingrid only had to deal with the newspapers, radio and tv; Kirsten gets the joy of Twitter and basically the world courtesy of the net, all throwing in their two cents worth of opinion about her cheating. Which leads me neatly to the question, do any of us have the right to judge her?

If I look at my own cheating chart throughout my dating life, there would be a enormous tick beside cheating for me. Yes I may be a wholesome bunny now, but I have been a bad girl in the past and lived up to that tag 100% and dare I say it at the time, loved every minute of it.

Hottie, uptil now the big love and biggest mistake of my life was taken when I fell for him and  I was tailspinning out of my own car crash with GR. All it took was H (who I'd been sneakily lusting over for about 6 months, without doing anything about it other than staring at him, whenever he stood by the water cooler) asking me for a drink after work and GR was history.

By the time I actually hooked up with H, I'd dumped GR and I was good to go. But H wasn't. So after a short fling with me, he simply went home to his other half and acted like nothing had happened.

I clearly got what I deserved. Pee on someone else's lawn or life and that bitch karma will deal with you as only she can.  Yes, I learnt my lesson the hard way, but I had no one to blame except myself and my poor judgement.

Have I cheated since? No. I'm a grown woman, who absolutely knows the consequences and doesn't want to place herself at the heart of a lie. I know how guilty I felt. I also know how it feels to be 'someone's dirty little secret'. 

Do I think that cheating is black and white anymore? Absolutely not. Especially not since I've been there. There are so many more opportunities to cheat in our daily lives, than there ever have been, but the buck or deciding to remain faithful stops with us as individuals.

Cheating is about making the decision to stay right where you are and accept it or jump into the unknown following let's be honest, the ultimate carnal sin - LUST !

You could be the type of lovefool I was. Kidding yourself that you can convert lust into a relationship, but the reality is if you aren't on the same page as your cheating partner; there's no way someone isn't going to end up being hurt.

Or in my case totally broken hearted and seriously not trusting myself or men for quite a while afterwards.

Whether this is Kirsten Stewart's fate; only time will tell.
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Jools said...

Great blog hon, I think what is so surprising about it is that she was already with a guy that more than half the world dream of being with! And to have an affair with somebody with kids always makes it look so much worse !

It sure makes you realise that nobodies life is perfect! If she can't get enough excitement from being with one of the most wanted men on earth , what hope is there!