Monday, 31 December 2012

So Long 2012 !!

If someone would have told me at the beginning of this year, what a crappy year 2012 would be for me, I honestly wouldn't have believed them.

I began the year, hopeful of escaping a temp job I loathed and a crazy housemate aka The Cat Freak.

I shed both almost instantly and hoped that this was the beginning of my new start.

Instead, what followed was a steady stream of work false starts and negativity via faux friends  or acquaintances, who always seem to surface when your life's in the toilet.

The Canadian Virgin who wrote porn in particular; is a piece of work I will never ever forget (an ex-colleague/friend and due to my desperation at the time; housemate, who turned out to be certifiable nut job with 'a poor me' mentality about her life !!!).

Then there was the wonderous R who I thought was a grown up, but at the first sign of the

"Where are we going with this relationship?"

conversation (instigated, I might add by him); ran for the hills, under the false assumption that I was a woman who needed looking after.  How wrong he was!

What was ironic about our whole situation ? I didn't tell him about where I was life wise. Why? First because my previous girlfriend experience has taught me sharing your troubles with your love interest, early on in a relationship, is like throwing a grenade onto an doused bonfire.

And second, because R, just like so many other people in my life in 2012 got the axe at work.

I knew his confidence took a massive hit and he may not have been thinking too clearly when we broke up; but I couldn't help thinking from the ruthless way in which he finished things, I ultimately had a lucky escape.

As it was, he changed his mind about us just one month later.  He tried 'to come back',  Unfortunately for him, having previously dumped me by text, I happily told R, that the good ship Diva had sailed already; never to return to him.

I kept on going.  Through yet more short-term temp jobs and a slow loss of confidence in my own abilities, that I'd never experienced before. Then out of the blue, my Mum was diagnosed as having cancer.

Suddenly my 'struggles' were put into prespective and slowly, things got better, culminating in my new job, which allowed me to regain my confidence and subsequently rebuilt my personal life.

I find myself minutes away from waving goodbye to 2012, having learnt many lessons about myself and life, which I hope, will ensure that 2013 is my year.

Happy New Year to you all, from a humbled and but very grateful Diva, who survived 2012 :0)

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