Sunday, 13 January 2013

The End of M & F

 M and F are finally over, fufiling the age old prophecy that whenever one of your best friends breaks up with their honey, you end up hooked up with someone (more of that in my next post :0)  !

Unbelievably their on-off car crash has been a bad habit love dance, that's lasted five years !

You know I'm never shy about saying what I think about somebody.  Well if I'm honest, I hated him almost from the moment they started dating.  Too smooth for my liking, had an answer for everything and the habit of constantly disappearing, usually when M really needed him.

I held my tongue in the way only a good friend can, while secretly keeping my fingers crossed that she'd see the light and dump his sorry arse.

M finally called it a day, following some online digging about F's 'ex' . His 'ex-wife' isn't and never has been his ex-wife.  They're still married.  So the whole the time he's been dating M, he's been living with his wife and did I mention, their daughter !

I've come across some Dallas style love twists in my time, but this one truly takes the biscuit !
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