Thursday, 14 February 2013

Fast Love

Wanna hear a story about love on Valentine's Day?

It was so sleekly done, I couldn't tear myself away from doing some hardcore people watching and listening !

Phil and Alice were sitting on a train, when Phil noticed Alice sitting alone. Liking what he saw he walked across the train, presented Alice with a rose and told her how beautiful she looked. As soon as Alice smiled, he asked what she was doing tonight. 

She told him and quick as a flash he asked for her number and said he'd meet her.

It was seamless !

Phil even called her phone to make sure she'd given him the right number.

When he got off the train, Alice waved happily at him and as he disappeared from view, she sunk back into her seat and sniffed the rose and smiling to herself.

I'm dying to know what happens next :0)

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