Thursday, 7 February 2013

Hanging Out With B

First to all of you who've already told me this - you're right !

I can't call him Big - because Carrie already did that ! So I'm gonna call him Boo. Why? Because he definitely looks like a man's man, more than capable of handling himself and anyone else for that matter, but when he smiles....yep it's that good ! Kind of like a surprise that sneaks up on you and yells out ...Boo!

So how's it all going ?  Just great thank you ! I've gone from being pretty much over 'the fairytale', to an optimistic nutter, who walks around with a semi-permanent dopey grin on her face:0)

Long distance 'dancing', isn't all hearts and flowers though, Skype great, but laughing and talking to a flickering screen, that's at the mercy of IT bugbears, tempermental webcams, crossed lines and other calls, is no substitute for the real deal of having that special someone sat on the sofa beside you.

It's definitely thrown me a cheeky curveball. I've found myself wondering why B hasn't been snapped up by someone else yet ? How for the the first time in a very long time I feel like I've lucked out ! 

I'm not the involuntary participant of a love triangle I do or don't know about!  Hell I've even abandoned that trying to figure out what he's thinking gig, that so many women I know, spend endless hours unsuccessfully doing. Maybe it's years of love disappointment that made me so cynical before B.

Finding myself in the midst of an old style courtship is also strangely freeing.  Honesty has always sadly lacking in my love shack, so being with someone who just says it how it is, good or bad is like night and day.

Work is unfortunately, keeping me firmly at my desk until March, at which time, nothing and I mean nothing is going to stop me from hopping on a plane and hanging out with B :0)

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