Friday, 15 February 2013

Happy UnValentine Day !

So how was my Valentine's Day? 

Distinctly average if I'm honest.  No unexpected cards, flowers, cuddly toys or declarations from unmasked admirers, who could barely contain their passion for me :0)

Yes it was exactly as I expected.

The difference this year, unlike so many other years, where I've hoped and dreamed that any love interest I might have been entangled with, had decided to come over all romantic and surprise me;  is I had absolutely no expectations of anything happening.

Strangely my usual annoyance at this day of relentless romance and commercial over kill evaporated, giving way to my thanks for the family and friends in my life, who show their love and care for me every day.

I was moved to tears, by an article I read about a widowed advertising director.

His beautiful much beloved wife was killed, by a rogue driver who careered off the road, onto the pavement and straight towards her. 

She was pushing their baby son in his pushchair at the time.  She managed to push him out of the path of the car, but ended up taking the full impact of it.

One year on, her husband had written a heartbreaking open letter from first from himself and then one from their baby son, 'entitled 'My Lonely Valentine' reflecting on her presence and impact in both their lives, as well as the overwhelming loss that her death had left them with.

I haven't read anything so sad , so bittersweet in a very long time. I haven't come across such painful honesty and searing pain, about finding that one perfect person, loving them unconditionally and then having them cruelly snatched away from you.

Which led me to not fixate on what might have been for me, on that day of lovers, but to remember and be content with the present and making every second count.

Happy UnValentine's Day my friends :0)

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