Friday, 1 March 2013

March Madness !

Right off the bat, complete with an Eastenders style 'fall to my knees moment in the middle of the square moment  - Chemo sucks !!!

So the last few weeks have been interesting ! I know it sounds childish, but that's how I feel about it! Mum is hanging on in there with her big C fight.

I honestly can't believe her strength of faith and pure determination to fight it. Her positivity radiates and puts me to shame daily.

She's just been declared well enough, for another round of chemo and both of us are gearing up ourselves up for it. She by praying and me by well worrrying, not sleeping and generally just holding things together; which is what I've done for the past year.

Work has been fast paced and challenging, but I honestly feel blessed to have a job.

On the writing front I've been working on some children's stories, that I wrote for my now very grown up nephew. It's been nice remembering his favourites and the fun I had when I first wrote them for him.

And things with B are.... all good !

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