Thursday, 1 December 2011

Change Is My Friend.

I'm settling into my latest contract and finding my way around office politics, a slightly nuts, very shouty boss, systems that hinder rather than help me and fortunately some really lovely colleagues.

I haven't given up on my dream role, I'm still beavering away at it on the side, but I am relived that I can pursue this without existing in a state of fear, about what little surprise is going to pop up next.

It's nice to be beyond busy again - I am working insane hours and trying to get up to speed with additional responsiblities, which have somehow landed on my desk !

With all of this going on it's great to have little romantic distraction on the side.

Yes R has done it again and instead of bolting (as is the custom with my love interests), he initiated a very grown up conversation with me about 'how we move forward', starting with spending time quality together.

Snatched moments during the week are pretty awkward to fit in at the moment for both of us, so we're going old school with a Friday or Saturday date night and sleepover.

This week it's Saturday. First we're off to the gym, then shopping, then the X-Factor and a not so early night. What's cool is the certainity of it happening and the relief that comes from not having to play games and act cool all the time with R.

Things are definitely looking up !

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