Thursday, 14 May 2009

Missed Opportunities

Today I fell in love or should that be lust, as I do at least once a week. The beautiful man in this instance got on my over-rail train (my favourite place to check out men - captive surroundings, where you are able to spy on your object of desire, while feigning looking out of the window trying to see where you are).

This particular specimen of male perfection was clad in my favourite man outfit, no not a suit - jeans, t-shirt and a messenger bag..mmmmm... He settled down in the seat just in front of me and I proceeded to first resist the urge to touch him, then decided to just stare at him for the duration of my journey, wondering how it was possible for one man to be so outrageously close and hot.

I got off the train, just about remembering the name of my station and called G. As any diva about town travelling solo knows if anything out of the ordinary happens, you must immediately call one of your girlfriends to tell her about it and if required seek advice and mobile backup.

"Why didn't you speak to him?" screeched G down the phone at me. "He's on platform 4 now" I said sheepishly. "Get over there" she yelled. I thought about it, in fact I even started to walk down the underpass which would take me to the beautiful man, but I stopped myself. The voice of doubt or 'reason' sounded a loud bell in my head and I turned tail and walked out of the station, cursing my cowardice.

My friends have always been used to and 'enjoyed' tales of my misadventures in love and my fearless pursuit of it regardless of the consequences. From marching over to Mr America and telling him he would be mad not to take my number, to standing on Mr Music's foot while waiting to cross a busy road, to attract his attention.

I have always prided myself on being a fool for love. However, this latest love drought seems to have stumped even me, turning me from an optimistic romantic fool capable of feats of immense romantic stupidity to a diva who seems to have lost her mojo.

As yet another one of my 'mistakes' proudly announces (damn Facebook) his engagement to the girl but one, but one who came after me, I wonder whether being too cautious is as bad as abandoning all hope of ever finding the 'one' or achieving any of your long-held dreams. I maybe in a slump, but this diva ain't dead yet !

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