Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The World Is Full of Married Men Who Get Away With It!

It's finally happened. After months of pleading and begging her to wake up and smell the coffee Jan has the ditched the married man (MM). The misery in which she and us by proxy are presently suffering has led me to consider my own dealings with the one dating temptation which every woman should avoid at all costs.

Why are the most interesting sexy men married? In my continuing search for Mr Right Now, among the frogs, weirdos, and downright undesirables that regularly vie for my attention,married men keep popping up like tantalising breadcrumbs leading the way to a special club I am not a member of.

There are two types of married men. The faithful - ex playboys, steady Eddie's or boys who have just decided that it is time to grow up and follow the pack along the martimonial path and there are the bad boys - the naughty and sometimes downright unfaithful ones, one of which Jan landed herself with.

When a married man is being naughty, he conveniently forgets to mention that he is married, or if he does he gently brushes this fact to the distant corner of any conversation he might be having with an attractive, usually single female.

Once said married man has impressed his potential conquest with funny stories (usually about himself) has flirted on overdrive and dropped in a few hot and heavy 'compliments', it takes a strong woman to resist his charms, particularly if she's been single for awhile. Throw in some wine and she's goner, despite knowing better.

Which is exactly what happened to Jan, who over the last year has wasted innumberable outfits and evenings on cancelled 'dates' justified by MM with several variations of the "something came up" excuse;and spent hours sat by the phone hoping it would ring, before receiving the mother of all wake up calls direct from the man himself.

MM emailed (yes I did say emailed her) to say he was about to be a father for the second time, but he was thinking of her. He even told her the due date that his wife was having her elective caesarian by. I know what a classy guy !

When the dust settles and the pain starts to fade, hopefully Jan will learn what women throughout the ages have learnt before her - if you poach in some other woman's backyard, don't be surprised if it comes back to bite you ! Why do I say sound so non-judgement hell, even wise....well you can guess....been there....lesson learnt....never again! So Dry Your Eyes Jan! Trust me this particular 'charmer' isn't worth it!

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