Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Cover Girl Countdown

I love make-up. When I put it on it feels like an invisible camoflauge cloak that I can't leave the house without. I love the way it transforms me every morning from grey, shambling wreck to a groomed, polished vessel of confidence. My morning ritual takes exactly seven minutes.

Having cleansed and moisturised, I gently squeeze some foundation onto the back of my hand then dot it onto my face. In seconds my panda eyes, cheer scars left from teenage acne and that pre-date or interview surprise pimple, are erased and I am left with matt, glowing caramel skin.

I have been gifted by nature with the double whammy of two equally dodgy eyes. First, because they are so small they resemble mole-like slits. Then to compliment this bad luck, I have the vision of a near sighted granny.

When I finally manage to stagger half dazed from my bed each morning, despite the fact that I leave my glasses invariably in the same place each night; nearly every morning, I never seem to be able to get them sitted on the bridge of my nose, without trying to blind myself by sticking a glasses handle in my eye.

When your eyes are as small as mine, light eyeshadow colours are your friends. My favourite eyeshadows for summer are Body Shop's shimmer cubes. I brush my eyelids with the bronze shimmer, then finish off with eyeliner and mascara. My devotion to Loreal's superliner is total and I never thought I could be lured away from it until now.

Sleek's dual eyeliner and mascara is packaged in a superslim black and hot pink tube. Each tool peforms well - the liner has a felt tip nib for easy application and the mascara brush holds and coats the mascara on my lashes with ease.

I'm nearly done. Just a tiny slither of Carmex on my lips to condition them, then I finish with my favourite deep burgundy either Rimmel's Lasting Finish Intense Wear 124 Bordeaux or Revlon's Super Lustrous 477 Black Cherry.

I shake my hair free from its hairband and cast a model like pout over my shoulder in the mirror before I leave for work. Looking goood !!

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