Thursday, 21 May 2009

The Wonderful Thing About Tigger

What a day - I bumped into my ex-boss, the Silver Fox in the queue for my morning latte. Having previously asked him for feedback re: my daily musings and possible weekend work experience. He ignored me and didn't even offer an acknowledgement re: the blog, so I was gently tickled by his discomfort at bumping into me and being forced into polite, awkward conversation. By the end of the day there was one person on my mind, who could with a flash of his mega watt smile oblierate a day worth forgetting.

P or Tigger as I like to call him is one of my favourite people and my unofficial baby brother (well that's how I treat him anyway!). Imagine an impossibly handsome EastEnders 'Jack' lookalike (or so the girls tell me - to keep his ego in check I regularly call him a wossy pretty boy). He is always immaculately clad in designer suits or smart casuals, sunglasses (always on hand just in case the sun puts in an appearance), a bright, witty conversationalist, adores his family and friends and has the good humour of an overexcited labardor.

During the time we've been buddies we've been through, one divorce (his from a young bunny boiler S), one broken romance (mine with the IT love rat), redundancy (both of us from the same company, although in Tigger's case he softened his blow recovering via a round robin of holidays which would have rivalled a good travel journalist airmiles).

We bonded over long pub lunches and evening meals spent laughing, supporting, lecturing and commesarating with each about our pathetic lives and this tradition continues today. Having poured out the gory details of my car crash day to suitable Tigger empathy, the conversation moved to my favourite topic romance. NO not mine silly..his !

Since we last met up, Tigger's romance with 'the child' (she is a decade younger than him and therefore worthy of more than just one nickname by me - the hobbit is my other one for her), they have moved into together and now Tigger wants to buy a house with her.

"Why don't you just marry her, it would be cheaper in the long run!", I cheekily reminded him of my conviction that his continued pursuit of young women, despite experiencing a recent painful divorce from one, will inevitably lead him toward serial marriage status. "You cheeky cow!" he laughed. "Only you can get away with talking to me like that".

"Darling all I am saying is widen your search area for God's sake. You always go for A and B and they are always identikit children! You have never broadened your horizons. I absolutely adore you, but you are so rubbish with picking women! You need to be with a grown up woman (no not me it would be like dating a baby brother.)

"Someone who gives you a run for your money. Someone smart, sexy and independent, someone who can keep you on your toes for once. Obviously I'll have to give her the once over and let's be honest you can't be a Sugar Daddy all your life"

"I know. I hear you, but I hate it when you're right" he smirked sipping his wine. "But she's lovely. she is very mature for her age".

"Tigger, that wouldn't be hard at all, seeing as she's with you".

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