Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Fair to Middling

Sometimes there is nothing more comforting than a day of mediocrity and it is just such a day I have found myself gently nestled in. HWMBO was working from home (relief)! M1 was exhausted from a night spent looking after his sick baby, but just about made it through the day without the caffeine kick of my proplus pills.

I love those little bubbles of energy, which regularly ensure that during various Board meetings, I display all the alertness of a meerkat on steroids - all straight backed and starey eyed!

My mania surrounding my graduation ceremony, has given way to the smug satisfaction of having my tickets arrive, finding a dress I can walk, eat in and hopefully climb the stairs to the presentation lecturn to. My only stumbling block, finding a hat big enough to get my hair into was evaporated when I correctly measured my head circumference !

Just spoke to Tigger, who is still living in rose-tinted bliss with "The Child"or my other favourite name for her "The Hobbit", who Tigger continues to let nowhere near me, for fear of my messing with her delicate, slightly restricted intellect.

We agreed it's been way too long since our last dedicated evening piss-taking/catch up session and made a date for next week. Can't wait - a guaranteed laugh in session with one of my favourite people. Just what the doctor ordered !

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