Friday, 30 October 2009

Recruitment and Romance

There are several things that hack me off about recruitment agencies. It's not just the copious forms you have to fill out repeating all of the information that's on your cv, before you can even get a pre-interview with the agency.

It's not the various software tests you have are forced to take; it is the the bloody photograph they insist on taking of you. Why do they need it? "Just so we know who you are!" said the receptionist reassuringly pressing her camera button, managing to secure a blinking, deer in headlights shot of me for the file.

My pre-interviewer was AM, a willowy blonde, who proceeded to talk me through my cv, which she clearly hadn't read. One typing test and 10 minutes later I was back out on the pavement, wondering why I'd wasted my time going to the agency at all; a fact reinforced by my being told that the vacancy I had applied for had already been filled.

I took my rumbling stomach to Mc D's for a grease refuel. Standing to my left was a fortysomething, suited man with cat green eyes and a mega watt smile. "Are they still doing breakfast?" he asked leaning in to hear my response, smelling so damned good I almost licked him. "Yes, but you better get your order in sharpish" I replied smiling.

Waiting for my order I could feel him watching me and as I collected my order, he caught me by my arm and said "Can I take your number?". "Why not" I replied. But as he reached into his pocket for his phone, I noticed the familar glint of a wedding band.

"Not a problem for you is it?" he said noticing where my eyes were fixed. "Actually, it is. Enjoy your breakfast!" I said cheerily, turning on my heels and with my bum wiggling for all it was worth, knowing full well that while he was still watching, I had just avoided one of life's little tender traps.

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