Saturday, 24 October 2009

What A Week!

G and I finally connected via phone after several weeks of silence. She is still with the Fool, she continues to pander to his insecurities by seeing him every weekend, while he in turn, satisfies her need for drama by instigating rows about what she got up to before they met. In short it's all just a little bit too fu..ked up for me !

Even when she called me, he was with her in the background and as normal she couldn't resist recounting their latest row. My advice was blunt as usual "Tell that jackarse you are who you are and he should have your back no matter what!". She repeated my words verbatum to the Fool who of course wanted to talk to me. I declined his kind offer.

Back at work I have been beyond focused. I have micro-managed my every move, to the point of boring myself rigid as I morphed into an administrative superbod so effectively, that HWMBO commended my efforts twice in one week! I know - has he been replaced by a nicer clone?

My new tenant C came over to drop some stuff off on Wednesday, before he officially moves in, in two weeks time. We caught up over a cup of tea and he sealed his place as a new friend by declaring that M's dumping of me was evidence of my having "...a lucky escape!".

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