Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Back To The Future 2

How did it oh...exactly how real life goes...we all get those situations and then have to make choices in response to them.

He looked great, a little thicker around the middle definitely, but the same sexy voice, dancing eyes and massive....hands!

We went to dinner by the river and weirdly things were exactly the same with us.. The same old banter, intertwined with conversation about everything that had happened in our lives since the last time we met.

So the big question, which you and I both already knew the answer to before I arrived ....yes he's still married with a child oh no it's H-Bomb all over again... Well not this time, lesson learned !!

As we said goodbye he made his move and I dodged. Don't get me wrong one snog with him would have ended my interminal snog/sex drought in one very naughty double whammy. But doing that would only have put me on another head on lust collusion.

I truly believe now what goes around comes around and bearing in mind the fallout from the H-Bomb, I never want to put myself in that spot again.

So I just walked away, admitedly frustrated as hell to walk away from 'a sure thing', but I still walked away. Now that's a result. He texted me of course. Six cheeky times!

I thanked him for a lovely evening.

Will I be seeing him again?


Time to let sleeping dogs lie methinks.

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