Monday, 13 June 2011

Back To The Future 1

There comes a time as a long time singleton when your near misses, rear their heads for a second time, alongside the could ofs, would ofs and should ofs.

Today it was my turn. SD was a massive office crush I had at my second ever job. He was bright, funny and surprisingly for me good looking and very tall.

He was of course already taken and strangely enough when I was younger, I actually had the good sense to only be his friend, albeit one very naughty steamy Christmas snog, which was great, but had the unfortunate edge of making me realise what I was missing out on.

He moved onto a new job. We stayed in touch for a while before inevitably drifting apart after he got married and became a Dad.

My Linked In mail box flash up:

'SD Join My Linked In Network'

I recognised his name instantly, enlarged his profile picture and there he was, looking a little heavier, but essentially looking just the same.

I accepted the request, dropped a quick hello and thought that would be it, until

"Well hello to you, dear BB.

I'm not a regular user of Facebook or LinkedIn, but I have looked for you a few times without any success. I hope you are well.

I am actually in the Smoke tomorrow and have a free evening, so would you be able to meet up?

Email me r text me and let me know. It's been far too long but it would be lovely to see you"

We're meeting at 7pm. I've got no expectations at all, but I'll admit, I am curious.

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