Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Double Trouble

It never fails to amaze me how men manage to double book things.

Work stuff and social stuff I get and don't get me started on birthdays! I can understand all of those, but dates with women...no that's being just a little too careless !

In the whole of my far from perfect dating life, I have never, ever managed to double-book men.

1) Because I have only recently embraced the very sensible idea of multi-dating and

2) I put so much preparatory effort into any of my dates (make-up, what to wear plus accessories can take me hours!!), that the thought of finding myself knee-deep in double man time on the same day, sends me into a blind panic.

Big D's online dating roundabout, which single-handedly proves to just how jammy guys are and how it must be so much easier to date as a guy; continues to provide me with some amusing moments.

He texted with the following dilemma.

"Hey you! I need your help. I've double-booked myself tomorrow. Which one do I choose? One's brand new, the other lady is repeat business. Help! What about if I try to slot them both in ? Big D x"

I of course laughed, at the sheer silliness of fhim orgetting that he'd spread himself a little too thin!

Joking aside I have everything crossed that he finds somebody nice....

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