Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Following the Stars !

"Just continue putting one foot in front of the other today. If you spiral out too far into the future, you’re apt to get overwhelmed", so said my horoscope today. Never one to go against the cosmos I followed my instructions to the letter.

One of the best things about being freelance is the fact that if you want to leave you can just pack up and go. One of the worst things, is that because you aren't one of the regular cast of workers, you tend to end up overloaded with the tasks that other people don't want to do.

By lunchtime I had done three loads of expenses, for four overseas trips none of them being a simple hotel and dinner moment; then booked four travel requests.

By this time I was wondering whether my life could really can get any more thrilling. To relieve the tedium, I booked my birthday treat - nothing fancy just a few pampering treatments (when have you ever been able to resist the lure of a snowy white waffle dressing gown?)and a chance to have some quiet time.

The girls mentioned celebrating it, but one flick of my weave and deranged growl was enough to convince them that I don't want to be reminded, especially this year.

I've been fiercely observing my "three things I am glad for" mantra, but somehow it just isn't cutting it, because as you all know there is only one thing I wanted for my birthday, which sadly is not going to arrive gift-wrapped on my doorstep.

A gift on the doorstep was exactly what C was waiting for when I got home - his suitcase to be exact. C hasn't seen his suitcase since he was forcibly parted from it somewhere between Altanta and London Gatwick.

He has spent the last 24 hours on the phone trying to locate it, finally being told that it would be delievered to his doorstep by 3pm today. The disappointment in his face, mixed with sleep deprivation, when I showed up at 8pm; lasted two more torturous hours, before his suitcase arrived.

I have never seen a man more happy to hit the sack. I am hoping I will be equally excited at the end of next Tuesday, when this whole birthday crap will be over! Then I can put one foot in front of the other and not have to think about it again...until next year!

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