Sunday, 28 March 2010


It's amazing how something as simple as a bathroom makeover can open your eyes to all the possibilities of change by your own hand.

Maybe it’s the birthday I just had, or maybe it’s just the onset of Spring – which we have been told will last until a the snow comes this weekend, but I got a real kick out being creative, even if it is justwith a bathroom.

By the end of the three quotations, I had pretty much decided who I wanted to go with. No 1 D came with industry contacts, 15 years experience and the can do attitude in terms of my schedule I was looking.

Or would it be No 2, AR, with 5 years under his belt, a worried look on his face when I mentioned moving the toilet to make way for a bath (argh heaven…I can see it now scented candles, up to my neck in bubbles, sweet music playing in the background and….. that’s quite enough daydreaming from me).

Or would it be contestant, I mean BTB No 3, the younger pretender AM who took the plunge and set up his own business 2 years ago and hasn’t looked back!

So being a die hard bargain hunter, of course I went for no 1, who didn’t wince when I said he had 9 days to do everything. The great thing is D should be able to start, while C‘s away, which means I get to hog the bathroom for a few days before he comes back!

What struck me with all of these guys was their self determination, their very obvious drive and fundamental need to run their working lives their way Recently, I’ve kind of lost my way, seduced temporarily into becoming a wage slave again.

Security is all well and good, but if you can get that security doing what you love, then you have to go for it, no matter what the initial perceived cost may be.

That message applies doubly for you M ! If I can climb on the bus of uncertainty and somehow stay on it, even having taken a wrong turn, then you my talented friend should be driving it !

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