Friday, 5 March 2010

Happy Friday !

I am officially freelance and loving it!

I quite like the idea of being parachuted into an unfamiliar terrority with nothing, but the survival kit of my dynamo PA skills and a few beams of BB sunshine. Then there's all the fun of sussing people out and sparkling a little BB love on them. Yes I admit it. I have Tinkerbellitis !

My latest role is working for an IT guru MGH who is in every way the complete opposite of what I had grown accustomed to. He is focused, upfront, non-moody (every day!, sarcastic and above all actually thinks that I am pretty amazing at what I do.

Having your confidence trashed, when you are as self assured as I am (or thought I was) is quite a humbling experience and I hadn’t realised until recently, how I’d been affected by all the drama and emotions of the 'situation'.

I used to spend hours dissecting myself. I would nervously double-check everything. I would question myself about everything, from my work actions to my relationships with colleagues - All the time doubting my own sense of self belief.

I wasn’t actually even sure once I was ‘set free’ whether I would be able to pitch myself at someone else, with that same BB confidence I used to have.

At the end of my first week MGH thanked me for restoring order to his chaotic world (his regular assistant is away on maternity leave and she has been followed by a string of temps with varying degrees of competence),and generally being amazing!

How nice to hear daily positivity being associated with me and my work again. It’s reminded me of how cool it is to work with somebody who not only values my work, but thinks the fact that I show up good to go every day is a plus! Go BB! Go!

So at the moment, I am in the enviable position of waking up every day not dreading going to work. I don’t actually even know what’s going to happen before I get there. Every day is that different.

Aside from missing M and A every blooming day (well you would miss your right hand buddies too wouldn’t you?)- I feel like I’ve lucked out!

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t dropped like Alice into a weird and wild Wonderland, where joy and mischief dance through trees everyday. Trust me I already have one person here who bugs the hell out of me.

What drives me nuts about dealing with this person ? Try working with someone who issues 'daily commands', that aren’t quite complete and therefore require a string of supplemental clarification update emails.

The longest running command has so far resulted in 32 ”....and just one more thing you need to know” emails grrr……!

Despite this, my new role as the little white rabbit that everyone wants a piece of, you know elusive, super efficient, busy, but always on the ball and welcoming......suits me to a T !

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