Wednesday, 10 March 2010

How To Date an Alpha Male!

Since the beginning of this year,a steady flow of new people have found their way into my life at just the right time. Just when I've found myself running out of steam or patience, something or someone has gently pushed me forward and helped me to keep going.

We all know what I wanted for my birthday - I'm not going to get it, but somebody up there has obviously noticed that I've been a good girl recently, because somehow with minimum effort from myself, I've bagged a date with a premier division - alpha male - millionaire - on my birthday!

Changing jobs has exposed me to yet more new people, one of whom has taken it upon themselves to act a a matchmaker for me. After just one after hours girlie chat, PM was able to list three eligible guys, including my very own Mr Big, that she thought would be right for me.

I've dated high net men before and I have to say it was tough going. Money as the saying goes, brings you choices and if you are a man with money, then you will never be short of female company.

"I'm not sure about it." I said surprising even myself, while remembering my holiday with R, who paid for everything and seemed to revel throughtout our relationship in reminding me how little I earned, and deemed me worthy of being given 'pocket money' during the holiday. I haven't date another rich boy since.

"Just for once petal, why don't you not analyse and agonise over something which could either be a bloody good time or maybe something more" said PM.

I am learning from the events of the year so far, listening to what other people say, might just be a good idea from time to time. I'll keep you all posted.


Anonymous said...

Hey, remember there are certain things that money just cant buy........ A date with you is indeed PRICELESS. Go get em tiger.....
Big 'coz I can' D

Anonymous said...

Once you've dated a millionaire do you get extra pocket money lol DS.