Friday, 30 July 2010

Good Manners Cost Nothing !

I know that men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, but there is no reason for some men to experience good manners dysfunctionality.

Take LL who last week went to a festival with a suitor. Her date brought her ticket, which she offered to pay for. When her date declined, to balance things out and show her appreciation,she proceeded to pay for all their drinks, cigarettes and snacks during the day.

She was rewarded, or so she thought with a t-shirt and a smooch, which she thanked him for. At the end of the festival, they stayed to hang out with some friends.

LL got on particularly well with a rather cheeky friend of a friend, but made it clear to him, in front of their friends that she was actually with somebody, and even pointed him out to the cheeky boy.

He accepted this and when she and her date, ended up missing the last train home, one their friends (not the cheeky boy!), offered them a bed for the night and said they would give them a lift to station the next morning.

In the morning, her date sulked. He sulked over breakfast, he sulked during their journey home, he even sulked, when she thanked him for taking her to the festival.

This morning, she got an email from him accusing her of humiliating him, being a 'wanton flirt' and itemised everything from the ticket price, including original booking fee, through to the t-shirt he 'gave' her as a 'gift'.

Best of all he actually included his bank details so she could the money in as cash.

The wonderful thing about LL is razor sharp wit. She responded thanking him for his email and itemising everything she has paid for over the two days of the festival.

Her grand total outstripped his by £9.00. She graciously told him, she was prepared to let him off and hoped he had a great life!

I am still trying to get my head around him giving her his bank account details !

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