Thursday, 1 July 2010

The One Where I Lost It!

There are very few things that anger me more than large organisations who provide us with essential services like gas, electricity and water, and their annoying attitude when we complain about them.

I arrive home today to a bill from my electricity provider of £742.68 for the period of April to June - wait for it - 2010!

Clearly a mistake, since I am never home (I'll admit I've returned to my workaholic ways to escape my latest dating dip - for the last month I have been pursued by old men(not the Richard Gere variety), Mr Invisible (still!), a no good ex of the lowest form (he cheated on me with a hobbit aka a baby woman - hot, but neither smart or fabulous) - I turned down his kind offer of a booty call and told him what a tool he was!

Why sleep with someone who wasn't particularly good at it, just for the hell of it, when a friendly little rabbit can do the job more than adequately and in the words of the golden arches -" Just the way you like it!"

The customer service advisor (who had all the diplomacy of a dictator deciding what to do with his latest captives), proceeded to tell me that because my bills had been estimated for the last year, unfortunately having finally read my meter, they had decided that I had underpaid.

However, fortunately for me once I have paid this ridiculous bill, going forward they would now have a correct estimate of how much electricity I use.

I flipped out bigtime.

"Do you have any idea of how stupid what you just said sounded. You just told me I have incurred and will now have to pay you the equivalent of a month's mortgage payment because you have been estimating my bill and then you laughingly tell me that once I've paid this bill,you will be able to predict my future bills correctly."

"Yes", he snapped back.

As I continued to rant (when I get started complaining I am a tornado of insults and debate!), P's nephew who'd come round to clear the backyard, grimaced probably wondering how he'd ended up working for a crazy woman.

"Tough day?", he said smirking. "You said it" I replied.

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