Monday, 12 July 2010

The One Where I Roll The Dice

My bad luck has the distinct habit of not just coming in threes, but
usually in the higher 6s and 7s.

For this reason I am currently overwhelmed by just how good things are going. Today has been a true red BB day.

I was offered the boring bank job and for once in my life I played hard to get with the other job that I wanted, who initially just offered me an extended contract. My demands were I thought just a little cheeky!

They 'courted' me over the weekend and met with me first thing this morning. By close of play today what was on the table was a permanent (non PA/EA -thank God!) Operations Manager role, for more money than the bank job and working in one of my favourite industries.

I'm still smiling ! Who would have thought that when I parted company with
HWMBO in January (who now has yet another me - now is that 3 or 4 new me's so far....I forget!), things would turn out so well for me.

I've always kidded myself when things have 'gone bad' that they happened for a reason.

I've held on to that even when I had no reason to believe it and now for the first time in a long time, its seems everything's going just great.

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