Sunday, 15 August 2010

Big Boobs And A Reunion

I never cease to be amazed at the capacity of men to be captivated by the size of women's breast.

I laughed like a drain, as a succession of men craned their necks, did 360's and just out and out stared at the prettish glamour model clone I found myself standing beside on the train platform, with a chest that truly defied gravity.

It was like watching a group of lions circling their potential prey. Gradually one or two moved in for a close looked at the two happy cushions on her chest, that looked like they would be best suited on the frame of a much larger lady.

I did marvel for just a second at the fortitude of a size 4 model, who could balance not only on 4 inch heels, but also 'blessed' with such oversized puppied, somehow still manage to stand up straight. She sat opposite me and we exchanged knowing smiles, as a young very excited looking teenage boy, vaulted for the seat beside me and proceeded to stare full on at her chest.

The air was thick with sexual tension and teenage hormones and finally as the train drew to a halt Ms Love Cushions turned to her ardent admirer and said

"Yes they are real !" winked and got off the train.

I turned to looked at my travelling companion and noticed he was bright red and was gently sliding his bag across his lap.

I was still laughing as I when I arrived at a leaving do with my old workmates.

You know when you were right to leave somewhere, when first you are congratulated by pretty much everyone for 'getting out!' and then, when three other people at the same leaving do, tell you that they are also leaving the company.

It was great to see everyone and hug it out with them BB style. I laughed all night and my stomach was still aching, back home as I stood in my kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil.

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