Sunday, 29 August 2010

My Bank Holiday

My Bank Holiday's been a chilled one so far. Hung out in Brighton with friends. A welcome retreat from the Big Smoke. There's something so peaceful about getting about super early, walking along the beach and then just sitting out looking at the sea and just thinking.

Things are pretty darned good in my life at the moment. Friends and family great, work awesome and chilled out on love front also. In fact I arrived back home in time to sign off a potential love connection online - he is not ready for "a dating situation". I love that line from men. A very civil cop out from a complicated man.

By date two you should always know where you are. Whether you want to work out if things are going to lead anythere or not. Or maybe that's just me.

If I didn't know what I wanted romantically whatever my circumstance or even whether I could be bothered to try with someone, I wouldn't put myself in a position either via a dating website or actually just going out on date with someone. It doesn't really any make much sense and it would waste my time and of that of my date.

After all if you are simply looking for a booty call, which he ultimately said he was, it's an awful lot of effort to go to. At least he was upfront and I of course wished him well. The way I see it is if something doesn't work out, there's no point getting uptight about it. That's life.

After all there's nothing wrong with having a booty call buddy - so long as it's not me - I want a lot more from any man that I'm with. I know exactly what I want and whereas in the past I maybe I wouldn't have spoken out upfront, now I do and it rocks to have the balls to do that.

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