Monday, 9 August 2010

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

There's a good way to end things and a coward's way to end things and M's now ex boyfriend takes the prize for being a prize idiot.

It was bad enough that he didn't show up at the hospital, but to play the 'I'm so busy', card following on from such a poor display of manners and compassion, really is the lowest of the low.

When I talked with M I tried to offer her the best advice I could.

"Wait to see what he has to say for himself. If you still get no reply, tell him you are taking it as a sign, that he wants you to hand the stuff that he's left at your house to the local charity store!"

Being the true lady that she is, she didn't slag him off via phone, text or even email. She left a few messages requesting that he come and pick up his things. Still nothing.

She finally lost patience and sent the following...

" The way you handled the situation when I was sick and in hospital and needed you, showed me all I really needed to know. You would not have treated a dog the way you treated me and especially because I was there for you when you were going through it".

"I need to know that I can count on the person I am supposed to spend my life with, but what you showed me is that you did not give a damn".

There's nothing worse than seeing one of the nicest people you know, one of your best friends and to say I am disgusted on her behalf is putting it mildly. The man is one of life's ultimate pigs!


Unbelivably this jackarse has since contacted M finally today, pleading for forgiveness. Long standing readers of my musings will remember my short lived non-romance with the Bolter.

He just like H, was able to employ the vanishing man act, to maximum effect when faced with a situation which either looked like it might prove a little tricky, or just required him to think about someone else for a change, instead of acting like a selfish spoilt brat.

Classic executors of the disappearing man symptom, then calculate just how long it will take their often willing, long suffering victim to calm down, before they think it is safe to pop up and pullthe same stunt again.

It remains to be seen what camp M falls in. I'm hoping she realises that she is worth a lot more than this clown thinks she is and she leaves him where he deserves to be on the kerb.

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