Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Looks Can Be Deceiving !

We are always told that being great looking is the ultimate leg up in life. A great looking face can attract you, grab your attention, sometimes distract you so badly that you can't see anything else. But sometimes that very same outer beauty can mask a world of pain that nobody but you knows about.

Having got to hang out with my old team last week - still love my team !!! This week my love affair with my new team is blossoming and as usual, I am stil learning more stuff about me and how I relate to people.

In the past I would definitely say I've been a sharer, exchanging like for like experience both professional and personal. Now I am much more closed off about me - it allows me to be approachable, but definitely more professional

Don't get me wrong. I am still the same passionate personality that I've always been. But I don't care about every single tiny detail in work and life, 130% like I've done in the past.

One because it is completely exhausting and two because more than likely whatever the debate or issue is about, my opponent be it a person or an organisation will never care as much are expend as much energy as I do, when I getting wrapped up in a situation or a person.

It doesn't of course stop me from being a smartarse, but a funny one so I've been told. On the bank of desks I sit in, we all talk, negotiate, email and work our way through the day. Everyone is on the team is just as feisty as I am, or so I thought.

Our resident Ms Thang is a Latino princess, with a killer wardrobe. She always look immaculate. She has a handspan waistline, perfectly proportioned body, tiny feet - so tiny that they are only size left in the shop, when you nab that elusive hot pair of sales shoes (only to find they aren't in you size!) and a face that would send JLO to a plastic surgeon.

We are thankfully divided from sitting directly alongside each other, but another member of the team,, but for whatever reason it hasn't stopped us from developing one of those annoying little sister relationships that amuses us and others.

I've always known she was bright and funny but, I must admit she kind of intimidated me by being so pretty and irritatingly nice with it. I thought she had it all until today when she ran through her morning duties before she goes to work.

She wakes up early to cook for her boyfriend, lays out his clothes, makes sure his belt is already put in his trousers ( so he doesn't have to look for it) polishes his shoes and once he is in the shirt, she does his buttons up for him (including the cuffs) and puts his tie on.

In return for this, he tells her to be a good girl and to have dinner ready on time for him in the evening. I thought Sleeping with the Enemy was just a movie, but here was a Julia Roberts clone living and breathing right in front of me.

By the time I had finished hearing about just how jealous her boyfriend gets (which explains why she has no friends) and the fact that he 'lets' her pay all the household bills, while he pays the mortgage and in return he refuses to put her name on it with his; any smidgeon of envy I had about her was gone.

It's funny how we associate certain qualities like happiness, success, triple A love and easy lives with beautiful people. You never ever think that the pretty girl has problems just like you or sometimes even has it even worse.

Life continues to keep throwing us those curve balls that make us realise that the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

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